August 23, 2022 castlebri

Not every home-improving project requires weeks of planning and days of work. Some of the most important improvements take less than a day. Plus, most are great for the entire family to help with. 

From adding a bit of zest to your home, to improving its security and climate control, home enhancements should always boost your space and your life.


Here are five quick projects to help improve the quality of life at home.


Paint Your Front Door

Sometimes, our space needs a bit of sprucing. A quick way to add some new life to your home without demolishing or remodeling is to repaint the front door. In a day, your house will receive a boost of energy from a splash of color that greets you every day.

Painting the door, or any accent painting, is a great home improvement activity for the entire family. Colorful, messy, and productive, turning painting into a family project is a quick way to keep everyone occupied and having fun. 

Have fun with painting. For example, match the color to an existing theme, or finally have that bright red door you’ve always wanted. Follow your heart and give your space a new vibe.


Focus on Accessible Storage

Do you wish you had more storage? Are you tired of that lone desk accumulating stuff? Cut the mess with more storage.

Entryways make excellent areas for extra storage. Use stackable or hanging shelves to keep items off the floor. Storage features next to the front door also help ensure that no one leaves without their important things.

Use storage features throughout the house for even more benefits. Maximize any unused surfaces that support storage, such as:

  • The backs of doors
  • Open and unused corners
  • Small spaces beside appliances
  • Clever kitchen spaces, such as under cabinets or hanging from the ceiling

There are storage features to suit just about any space within your home. Take a look and find what best suits you, and watch your clutter disappear. 


Install Smart Technology

Smart home technology already has a place in many homes—and for a good reason. From cameras to smart assistants, this tech provides enhanced safety and a high quality of living.

One simple job involves switching your light bulbs out with smart, programmable lights. For fun, these lights allow you to fill your rooms with a rainbow of colors. They also feature advanced program rules, so you can create lighting schedules and conserve electricity.

Don’t forget about security. Cameras and smart locks help keep your home safe, even when you’re not there. For instance, you can check on pets from work, or watch your property while on vacation. There are many benefits, and it doesn’t take much time to install new smart tech.

Change Your Curtains

Sometimes, improving the comfort of your home simply requires a small change. One of these changes involves your curtains. Aside from keeping out unwanted eyes, curtains also help regulate the temperature of your house.

Switch to heavy blackout curtains to keep out the sun’s heat in the summer. These keep out both light and heat, thus reducing your energy needs during the hottest months. Plus, blackout curtains provide unmatched privacy throughout the home. 

Seal Your Doors and Windows

Just as a quick curtain change improves the comfort of your home, some simple seals work wonders as well.

Without proper seals, your doors and windows allow in the cold during the winter and heat in the summer. Properly sealing the house helps keep your humidity levels ideal. Too much moisture leads to mold issues, which cause health issues and structural damage. Replacing the weather sealing is a quick way to optimize your home’s inner climate.

Sealing a door is straightforward, with minimal tools and little needed expertise. Windows are even easier, often requiring foam or rubber tubes inserted into gaps along the window. 

Take some time to identify any leaking sites. Plugging those holes is a simple job of great importance. 

Final Thoughts

Quick home improvement projects provide plenty of pleasing changes to a home. Small changes have big impacts, from the ease of smart home technology to the added privacy of blackout curtains. Get started on your next project today!