April 5, 2022 castlebri

Many people refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home, whether it serves as a laboratory for gourmet cooking or the hub for friends and family to spend quality time.   

Since the kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in the house, the space must best reflect your style preferences while meeting modern design, comfort and functionality. 

Kitchen makeovers take planning, time and patience, meaning the outcome should deliver a fresh look that best meets your expectations and needs. A traditional kitchen reminiscent of childhood is most desirable for some homeowners. For others, contemporary impressions with sleek lines, modern appliances, eye-catching elements — from tile backsplashes to hardware — and colors that spark joy are favorable.  

It’s safe to say that in 2022, the look and feel of your kitchen are what matter most. Here are eight kitchen color combinations we’re loving right now.  




White and Gray 

According to the 2022 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, white and gray kitchens are still the top choice for remodeling. In fact, between 32% and 41% opt for white cabinets, backsplashes and walls. Another 27% of homeowners choose gray walls to offset their white kitchens, while up to 26% bring in another shade to enhance visual intrigue.  

While light gray keeps a kitchen bright and airy, dark tones — whether brought in on the cabinetry, countertops or island — offer more contrast against white tile backsplashes and deep, ceramic sinks. Add black or gold hardware and brass-plated pendant light fixtures to deliver greater warmth to cooler shades. 




Black and White 

The black-and-white color combination is modern and classic. It will elevate your kitchen design and give it a timeless look for years to come.  

Some homeowners may play it safe with a predominantly white kitchen and hints of black, while others appreciate black cabinets for a more dramatic aesthetic. Whichever way you lean, a black-and-white kitchen is easy to decorate and lends to pops of color or rustic wood elements.  

Of course, remember that black and white isn’t boring — you can play with materials and contrasts to create striking looks. Some homeowners opt for dark natural stone countertops, like quartz, which create contrast against the solid black hues in other kitchen elements. Two-tone combinations, like a white backsplash against black cabinetry, is also a great way to play with visuals in a black and white kitchen. 



Blue and White 

Homeowners looking to incorporate their personality into their kitchens without going overboard may choose a blue-and-white color combination. Blues may come in bold or muted hues and open the door to other creative design features.   

Consider installing blue cabinets with a white backsplash or stick to the favored white kitchen with a rich blue island.  

You might also go big with a striking blue-and-white patterned backsplash tile that may lean toward simple, modern or vintage. Rustic wood elements provide warmth, while pops of color — a bowl of lemons or oranges, unusual hardware and windowsill herbs — can add more interest.  




Warm Neutrals 

If you want a calmer space to prepare meals and break bread with your family, you might choose warm neutrals. Although whites and grays fall within this category, so do beige, creamy whites and ivory. Often, natural wood and leather accents are incorporated into the design, as well.  

Neutral-toned kitchens are soft and light, allowing you to include different textures to enhance the appearance. You might opt for open shelving, bronze hardware or two-toned cabinetry, such as white on top and a light brown or beige on the bottom. Marble countertops with mesmerizing gold and silver veining or butcher block will seamlessly tie it together.  

Suppose you have difficulty deciding on colors or styles. In that case, neutral kitchen colors make it simple for you to play with different elements and find a look that’s easily adjustable as your tastes change.  




Dark Wood Tones 

The rise of technology and a desire for greater comfort prompt homeowners to enhance the coziness of their living spaces. One way they’re doing this is by installing dark wood cabinetry in their kitchens.  

Sleek, flat-faced, dark wood cabinets deliver a modern Scandinavian look that’s earthy and warm. A white subway tile backsplash is quite popular with this design, while other homeowners may look to add a patterned backsplash or darker shade like black or pine. 

The dark wood tones go well with charcoal flooring and greenery — herbs, succulents and plants — which add a splash of color. 




Light Wood Tones 

Contrastingly, light wood cabinets deliver the same warmth that many homeowners are looking for in their kitchens and keep the room feeling open and bright.  

 This design aesthetic shows that white and gray geometric backsplash tiles and black hardware look sharp. To contrast the lighter wood, you might also want to include other matte black elements in the light fixtures, appliances and flooring.  

 Light wood cabinets may provide the feeling of having more space than dark wood in smaller kitchens. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry adds storage space and draws the eye upward, making your kitchen ceiling seem higher.  





Green Tones 

During the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns encouraged people to spend more time outdoors to improve their mental well-being. Seeing that studies have uncovered several benefits of nature, many homeowners have since found ways to bring the outdoors into the interiors of their homes. 

While plants and a continuum of indoor-outdoor patio living spaces top home renovations and design trends, everyone generally seems to be seeing green. Earthy, green tones can bring a state of tranquility and rejuvenation to your kitchen. It’s also surprisingly versatile. 

Pair green cabinetry with a white backsplash and gold hardware. You might also choose to go with two-toned countertops, such as white quartz countertops with butcher block on the island. Incorporating a wooden hood vent over the oven or brassy elements keeps with the organic, nature-inspired aesthetic of the space.  



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Dark and Moody 

Contrasting colors, such as white and dark gray, aren’t for everyone. Some homeowners like a fully dark and moody kitchen design. 

Darker kitchens will be modern and luxurious this year — black cabinetry pairs well with shiny dark gray backsplash tiles, gold hardware and stainless steel appliances. Wood elements, such as butcher block countertops, open shelving or decorative bowls, can add some needed warmth to the space. 

If you’re interested in a more expensive look, a wooden island with a black quartz waterfall countertop or marble backsplash will also inject visual appeal.  


Inspiration for Your Favorite Kitchen Color Combinations 

The kitchen is where we spend the most time alone or with others, so choosing a color combination you love is essential. Find what inspires you the most.  


Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Are you looking to create a calm and relaxing environment for yourself? Are you trying to make your kitchen feel brighter? Remember that whichever colors you select will look beautiful either way.