January 10, 2023 Bailey Strobel

9 Renovation Trends We’re Expecting to See in 2023

Perhaps the new year inspired you to make some necessary upgrades to your home to improve your mental outlook and overall quality of life. Maybe fears of a volatile housing market make you want to primp your house for sale before a possible recession brings price drops. Either way, you’re seeking ways to renovate your property. What are the emerging trends?

Home-building trends tend to follow lifestyles. With the looming specter of climate change already causing severe weather events, many homeowners likewise want to do their part to protect the planet. The recent pandemic led many people to spend more time at home, leading to changes in layouts.

If you want to get the most bang for your remodeling buck, it pays to investigate what’s in fashion. Here are nine renovation trends we’re expecting to see in 2023.



1. Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Doing your part to preserve the planet doesn’t necessarily mean switching to solar. Although Congress recently extended the tax credits until 2032, soaring inflation might make you think twice about parting with the money before you need a total roof replacement.


However, you should take swift action if you catch a draft sitting by your bay window. Old models often develop cracks near the edges that create costly leaks, spiking your utility bill and increasing your use of heating oil. Furthermore, some older homes still have single-pane models, whereas today’s modern dual-pane versions offer far superior insulating power.


What other energy-efficient upgrades might you consider? Here’s a short list of ways to make your home more sustainable and save money:

  • Upgrade your lighting: LEDs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • Embrace passive solar: Take down curtains that block the sun, especially in winter. Consider a one-way film that maximizes natural light and heat while protecting your furnishings from UV rays.
  • Insulate: It’s not a glamorous DIY upgrade, but redoing your attic can save you a small fortune in heating and cooling. Insulating your garage prevents cold air from entering when you pull in and makes any rooms above the space cozier in winter.



2. Spa Bathrooms

The COVID-19 pandemic closed more than gyms and restaurants — many day spas found themselves hurting as in-person pampering wasn’t worth the risk. Therefore, many folks choose to DIY at home and it’s far more luxurious to do so in a spa bathroom.


Are you replacing your tub? Look for a jetted model. You might even qualify for a discount if you are an older adult with the right insurance coverage — why not take advantage?


Another surprisingly pleasant amenity is a bidet. They’re eco-friendly, as they reduce your reliance on toilet paper, which explains their surge in popularity during the recent pandemic. If you’re on a budget, you can find seats that attach to your existing throne or invest in a luxury model with features like heat and LED night lights if you have more cash.



3. Home Office Retreats

The pandemic also ushered in the era of working from home and while some bosses want their workforces back in the office, many employees are resisting such orders in droves. The age of the downtown highrise might be changing from a strictly business location to one that includes lodging.


However, people who work from home want the amenities and conveniences of the office. They also need a space where they can close the door and get away, especially if their partner telecommutes and their children homeschool.


Enter the home office retreat. These spacious areas have room for a desk and filing cabinet with plenty of room for an ergonomic chair. They also have space for a cozy couch, perhaps a TV or even a miniature indoor putting green. The rooms are a combination of study and office, creating a private place for labor — and taking the occasional break.


4. Outdoor Living Upgrades

The pandemic also ushered in the era of outdoor living. It’s easy to shelter in place when your backyard resembles a resort. Here are some upgrades you might consider for your backyard:


  • Decks and patios: Improve or add to that concrete slab.
  • Outdoor kitchens: These can be welcome holiday areas if someone in your family has an immune disorder and still prefers socializing al fresco.
  • Pools and spas: These are practically musts in hot climates like Phoenix, Arizona, but they make welcome additions anywhere.
  • Kid and pet play areas: Xeriscaping is the way to go for overall landscaping eco-friendliness and maintenance ease. However, a small patch of grass makes the perfect spot for Fido to go potty or install a swingset for your toddlers.


5. Smart Home Upgrades

The era of “The Jetsons” might not quite be here, but it’s close. Smart upgrades offer convenience for many reasons. They’re inclusive, allowing folks with disabilities that limit their mobility to turn off the lights or television from across the room. They’re also the next best thing to keeping a paid assistant at home. Did you forget to lock the door? You can do so from your smartphone.

6. Reclaimed Materials

You help the planet by making something old new again with a bit of DIY know-how and elbow grease. Fortunately, it’s a snap even for novices to refinish old furnishings with paint or stain. However, the fun doesn’t stop with end tables — you can also find reclaimed accents like vintage kitchen tiles at places like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

7. Creative Kitchen Islands

A butcher-block kitchen island is convenient, but today’s models are bigger and better than ever. Some have built-in storage beneath — finally, a place to build that slide-out recycling bin you’ve wanted to install forever. Others conceal small appliances like wine chillers.

8. Increased Living Area Storage

First-time homebuyers often include plenty of storage space on their wishlists and the fun doesn’t stop in the garage. The pandemic led people to cook at home and needed a spot for their ingredients. The result was the return of the butler-style walk-in pantry, with plenty of room to stock up for your next holiday soiree.


What if you have a tiny kitchen? Consider adding a door and building a wall to create your pantry if there’s an adjacent room. You can also integrate this space into new designs, such as transforming a basement into a living area.

9. Accessory Dwelling Units

The pandemic also brought some less pleasant changes — like soaring housing costs that have more families than ever investigating multigenerational living. Adding an accessory dwelling unit to your property is a hot renovation trend. It provides adult children with a private space while they save for a home they could otherwise never afford with today’s rent prices and lets you keep aging family members close to home where you can help if need be.


Here, too, you have several options. Do you have an unfinished basement? Completing it could be a powerful selling point, as fewer than a quarter of today’s properties feature such an amenity. You can also build an addition, construct a separate unit in your backyard or buy prefabricated models on Amazon and assemble them yourself or pay for professional help.

Stay On Top of Renovation Trends in 2023

Are you looking to sell before the market changes and want to make a hot renovation that will increase your property value? Maybe you just want a fresh look on the old homestead. It helps to know what’s in style.


We expect to see the nine renovation trends above in 2023. Modernizing your property with one of these ideas can increase your enjoyment of your home and net you a higher purchase price.