December 9, 2008 castlebri

I know that all you hear when you turn on the TV is bad news but is actually a great time to remodel. Layoffs, declining homes prices, and depleted retirement accounts make it tougher to consider a large investment in your home. The reality is this is the best time to consider a project because: 1) although home prices have come down some they are still way up and equity with low interest rates attached makes financing and monthly payments easier, 2) It is hard to sell now and could take a year or more on the market competing with foreclosures, 3) material and labor prices for projects are coming down significantly versus a couple years ago, 4) remodelers have the time to give each project more attention resulting in a smoother process and better finished project, and lastly my favorite reason 5) you have been thinking about it for years and will end up doing it in a year or two anyway, why not enjoy it. Obviously I am biased as a remodeler so I have a link to a second opinion from to back up what I am saying. Here it is read away, take a deep breath, think rationally, turn off the negative hype, and think about starting that project.