Basement Overview

Project 2015-1

Home Style: Tudor
Design Style: Contemporary
Project Completion Date:

August 10, 2014 castlebri

With plenty of living space on the main and upper levels of this 1936 St. Paul home, the homeowners were hoping to make their unfinished basement a more organized and livable area without completely redoing it. The space needed to accommodate interests for all people in the house, parents and kids alike. Utilitarian needs such as a work shop, laundry room, and workout area were incorporated for mom and dad. At the same time a more comfortable living/game area was created for the kids to enjoy with their friends. The washer, dryer, and sink were moved and a defined laundry room was created. The entire basement received drywall and a new fresh coat of paint on the walls and woodwork. The ceiling remained unfinished due to low head room constraints and the owners desire for accessibility. The floor was also left unfinished and carpet squares were installed by the client where comfort was needed, also allowing for future flexibility. Cabinetry was provided and installed for specific storage purposes- hanging of seasonal clothes/linens, gift wrapping/holiday items, overflow pantry items, and beer making equipment to name a few. Windows were replaced, and an egress window was put in, making the basement as a whole feel more inviting.