June 9, 2020 castlebri

Black Lives Matter

Eight Minutes and 46 Seconds.

That’s how long it took to shake our city to its knees, but it’s no secret it took even less time for us to rise up and cry for justice. Our city, our nation, our people…we are facing a historic reckoning. At Castle Building and Remodeling, we as a brand and individuals are committed to doing the ongoing work necessary to support racial injustice and fight inequality.

Our company motto is “The Best Value in Remodeling,” and we believe that goes beyond our work within a client’s home. Being the best and providing value applies to our everyday lives as well. While we may be small in numbers, we are passionate and engaged individuals who want to see change in our community. As a company we have made a $5,000 donation to We Love Lake Street, along with committing to continue helping with clean up and rebuilding our neighborhoods wherever we possibly can. While our efforts have been impactful, they are not enough. We will strive to continue to seek out more ways to make positive change in the fight for justice.

We are actively listening, and we will continue to learn on how we can do better. What can we do to do better and be better? How can we encourage and achieve more diversity in our hiring? How can we support minority owned vendors and trade partners. We want to encourage you to get involved in your community. Change starts with every individual consciously making the effort and taking action to ensure a more just and equitable world. Join us in making the promise to stand up and speak out against racism.

Follow these links to find some great resources both locally and nationally to help out.
Ways to help around the city:

1) Star Tribune

2) Meet Minneapolis

3) City of Minneapolis


5) Ramsey County

6) TC Mutual Aid Map

7) We Love Lake Street

Educational Resources
Follow the links below to find resources to learn more

1) Juneteenth Day

2) Black Lives Matter

3) BLM Minneapolis Facebook

4) Reading for Racial Justice

Support Black Owned Businesses
Follow the links below to find amazing Black-owned restaurants, shops and more.

1) City Pages

2) MSP Magazine

If there is a way to help out that you are passionate about, we would love to share it with our community. Simply send your submission to Hannah Husemann at hannah@castlebri.com

Together we can change the world!