April 6, 2011 castlebri

Castle Bowling Team

Castle Bowling Team Photo

The Castle Bowling & Remodeling team represents Castle each Thursday evening at Elsie’s in NE Minneapolis.  Whether it is exhaustion from the 40 week league schedule, or the new purple sport fit shirts Castle employee Elizabeth Bland designed, the team has been on a cold streak and can’t seem to find their mark.  Fortunately, they serve many varieties of beer at Elsie’s, which allows the team to easily forget they are near the bottom of the standings.  Loren Schirber, Castle’s owner and member of the bowling team, says “We are there to have a good time, drink a few Premiums, and oh yeah bowl a few games. This year we might not be the best bowlers in the league, but we have a lot of fun and aren’t afraid to wear purple”.  Does it get any more Nordeast than this?