May 12, 2010 castlebri

Beginning in April 2010, a new federal law requires contractors that are hired to perform renovations, repairs, or painting projects in homes, child-care facilities, and schools built before 1978 that will disturb lead-based paint to be certified in lead procedures and to follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

Loren Schirber, owner of Castle Building & Remodeling, has attained the necessary certification by the Enviromental Protection Agency, which allows Castle to perform renovations in a lead-safe manner and according to the guidelines.

Remodeling is notorious for creating dust, and dust is the main source of lead from existing lead paint in homes. Keep yourself and your family safe – Make sure that your contractor is certified for handling lead per the EPA guidelines.

For more information on lead, call the the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (5323) or visit their website at