Design Build Process : Overview

Castle Building & Remodeling is a Design/Build firm. Design/Build means we can work with you on your project from the preliminary design and estimating phase all the way through construction. If you already have a professional design, Castle Building & Remodeling will work with that design to produce a line-item specification with all the details necessary to give you a firm price on your project.


The design/build process, as the words would indicate, is broken down into two phases. The design & planning process works as follows:

  1. Head to our Project Costs page to see estimations of your project.
  2. Next, using the Vcita pop up below, please schedule your phone consultation with our sales team. We will reach out to confirm your call.
  3. During the phone consult, we will discuss what you want to accomplish with your remodeling project, any special needs, and what type of investment you want to make in your home. As we discuss the project over the phone we will be taking notes to pass along to the sales person or designer that visits your home. Often times we will schedule an appointment to meet you at your home, but sometimes a designer will call you back to schedule this first visit.
  4. With quarantine restrictions in mind, we have added virtual meetings as an option for homeowners. Normally the first visit will take place in your home but we are able to conduct this first meeting virtually as well. The main objective of the first meeting is to we discuss in depth about the project(s) with you, take photographs (you can share with us), and measurements. We have virtual technology that will allow us to get rough estimates virtually from the photographs. This is also an opportunity for us to discuss how Castle execute its design & planning process.
  5. After the appointment, we will email you a budget estimate of costs for your project. Click here to see an example budget estimate.  A PDF copy of Castle’s Design & Planning Contract will also be emailed.
  6. The design costs associated with the drawings and the detailed estimate usually equal approximately 2-4% of the project budget, depending on project design complexity and the hours Castle expects to spend on each phase of the Design & Planning Process. The way to keep design and planning costs down is to invest some time upfront determining how the job should look when completed, making precise decisions, and not changing the budget or scope of the design project numerous times.
  7. If you are already working with an architect or other professional designer, we will work with them to put together the specifications and help with interior design selections at a negotiated fee based on the complexity of the project. If no design is necessary due to the nature of the project, the specification fee can be negotiated. Working with an Architect can be a very different process than working with a Design / Build remodeling firm. For more information on the differences, please see the PDF “Working with Architects”.
  8. With your approval of the design and planning agreement, we schedule our first design meeting and begin the design and planning process!


Click here to start the process of working with Castle Building & Remodeling or book your consultation via the Vcita pop up below.