April 1, 2020 castlebri

Design Trends: Kitchen and Bath Traditional Design Influences

Classic, calm, and timeless. These three words describe a home that has been designed with traditional influences. Many homes with a traditional design aesthetic are filled with warm wood tones, graceful lines, and detailed moldings. However, the most appealing aspect of this design trend is how fluid it can be. Pairing with other design aesthetics, it can take a room from ordinary to unique while maintaining a timeless look. As you mix and match, you do not want it to appear visually cluttered so its best to stick to two decorative touches from adjacent eras, creating a more subtle, yet visually appealing look.

Cabinetry and Countertops

The kitchen and bathroom designs heavily rely on color palette, cabinetry style and finishing touches. When you and your designer are creating the space consider selecting warm tones in your cabinetry. If you are looking to mix eras consider white or light colored cabinetry with clean lines. Bathrooms stay on trend with beautiful pedestal sinks or vanities with spa like features. When it comes to selecting the countertops, traditional choices lean towards either natural or faux-natural materials, such as granite, engineered stone, soapstone or even marble.

Wall and Flooring Selections

When it comes to selecting wall and flooring tile the most sought after choices are subway or hexagonal tiles. Clean lines throughout and classic hardwood flooring helps bring the look together. The best traditional style homes aren’t married to one particular style as no era or design should overrule another. It is an adaptable style that allows you to be as creative as you’d like.

Finishing Touches

Elevate a room’s overall look by carefully selecting light fixtures, faucets, drawer hardware and even the trim around your bathroom mirrors. The traditional design aesthetic is highlighted throughout textures like wood and metal. Common metal selections are oil-rubbed bronze, iron and copper, providing a touch of beauty and historical authenticity to your design.

In Conclusion

Many Castle clients tend to desire, and Castle designers, keeping the traditional millwork/flooring consistent between the original parts of the home and newly remodeled spaces- i.e. we try to match those parts as much as possible. That traditional consistency allows for more play with the other elements previously mentioned.

In the end, traditional style is an excellent choice when you looking for a space to feel timeless and relevant simultaneously. Since you’re highlighting the best in design styles all at once, the look will never feel tired or go out of style.

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