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Hello Castle Friends!

We are back for more from Elizabeth! Last week she gushed about her love for all things British and what some of her favorite trends are. Let’s see what else she has to say…

So Elizabeth, last week we talked about your favorite trends for 2013. You said you love the industrial elements. So now let’s talk color.

E: Honestly, I love most all colors, but usually like to tone down versions.  For paint, I typically use Benjamin Moore’s Historical Colors or their new Color Stories.  My all-time favorite paint colors are: Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray – for a dark, rich gray, Hale Navy – the perfect navy, Revere Pewter – a great neutral, Honeybee – best yellow, and Sherwin Williams Sea Salt – a gray/green/blue that works most everywhere.  (see paint mood board)


These are great colors, how does a client know where to start when it comes to picking? Do you have any tips for potential homeowners as they plan a remodel?

E: Create a Pinterest board of your ideas or start a file folder with magazine clippings.  Also, shop around – visit the Remodeler’s Showcase, Parade of Homes, visit tile shops, home improvement stores and find out what you like.  New products are being designed every day and it helps me if you have an idea of your style.  


What would you say your home décor style?”

E: The best thing about being a designer is that I get to help people design their dream space.  I can appreciate all styles (I should say most — I don’t really appreciate ’80’s suburban!) and the great part is that no two projects are alike.  My personal style is pretty classic, but I like to mix it up with more modern pieces and incorporate vintage items, too. I like a collected-over-time look, a good mix!


Do you have a favorite place to purchase those more vintage inspired, one-of-a-kind home décor pieces?

E: Nadeau in Uptown – I found a really great yellow armoire that’s currently in my bedroom there.  I also love HomeGoods, Pier One and Anthropologie.


Stay tuned in  March we will sit down with designer Courtney Walker.

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