December 1, 2022 castlebri

This month’s employee spotlight features Interior Designer and Remodeling Pro, Ashley Hansen. Ashley has been with Castle for almost 10 years. Prior to joining Castle’s Design Team, Ashley worked at Design Within Reach, a high end furniture store. The year before that she worked for Hanson Builders, a new construction builder, and Northern Home Furniture & Design in Fargo ND.

Designing and crafting is something that has been ingrained into Ashley’s character through the influence of family and friends. The concept of DIY (do-it-yourself) was taught to her early on. From years of practicing this whether it be sewing clothes, sewing her comforter, making art, or upholstering furniture she developed a passion for design.

Ashley recognizes that designers are given a great responsibility and opportunity to redefine quality. Interior Design is an outlet in which she is able to share this belief knowing how the layout, selections and aesthetic appearance of a space can truly impact people. Therefore she truly enjoys the opportunity to build relationships with clients and help them form solutions which consider both form and function and best accommodate their lifestyle.

Beyond work she likes to get outside as much as possible and is typically up for doing anything active. Some of her favorites are snowboarding, walking, rollerblading, and exploring the city via bike. A special appreciation for NE drives her to investigate the local spots unique to the area.


Our marketing team sat down with Ashley to get to know her a little more, here’s what she had to say:

What are three fun facts about you?

  1. For the past 7+ years I have been working on my own home renovations. I have had my hands involved in constructing most of the projects.
  2. Last year I participated in a June biking event which is to bike to Duluth and back in two days. It requires peddling about 175 miles a day.
  3. A goal of mine, for this year, is to learn how to swim well.


Why did you choose this profession?

Since birth it is something I have grown to be familiar with. My dad and many relatives are in the industry. This is likely why I thrived in project based classes versus other academics.


Can you share an industry related piece of advice for upcoming designers?

Aim for longevity. Longevity with the designs you create, relationships, employment, and daily decisions made.


What inspires you?

People. There is something that can be learned from every single person. Learning a person’s unique interests, goals, motives, and circumstances is what I want to design for.


What is the best advice you have received?

To not be so hard on myself. Something I constantly need to remind myself of.


Can you share your favorite quote?

“Love is the most durable power in the world.”

  • Martin Luther King JR in his novel “The Strength To Love By” .


Do you have a favorite spot or place to go in the Twin Cities / surrounding area?
A few of my favorite places in the city are; Hidden Beach on a hot summer day, On top of Gold Medal Park Hill when it is filled with people, the Minneapolis Farmers Market and biking through downtown Minneapolis at night.
When you’re not working, what do you do to unwind?
It depends. Often I do something active outside. That often helps me clear my head and destress. On rare occasions I need to turn my thoughts off even more and watch something on Netflix.
Next month, meet Office Manager Christie Rose!