February 10, 2023 Bailey Strobel

How to Fall in Love With Your Home Again

Your home is a sanctuary for you and everyone living there. When you purchase your house, it might be the perfect fit. As time passes and your needs change, it might take some adjusting to enjoy it.


With some changes, you can turn your home from a place you’re outgrowing to a place you’re falling in love with once again. Here are nine changes to improve your space.

1. Paint Your Siding

If you’re tired of your home’s exterior appearance, painting can make it look brand new. You can paint your siding the same way you’d paint a wall, but you could also use a sprayer to get the job done.


Before you begin, check your home warranty to determine whether or not painting the siding will void it. Once you’re in the clear, apply paint to achieve full coverage on your siding. You may need multiple coats if you’re trying to cover a bright or dark color. You could also use an appropriate exterior primer for a smoother, secure finish.


When choosing a new paint, consider a lighter color, especially if you live in a warm climate. These colors filter hot air easier than darker ones, keeping your home cool.

2. Transform Your Attic

A new space to enjoy can refresh your home and give it more breathing room. Your attic might be the perfect place to expand.


You can add dormers to bring more light to your space. It can be an extensive project, but well worth it for the extra light. Attic spaces can often use wall frames to add structure and aesthetic appeal. Add insulation, drywall and subflooring, and it might surprise how well your new living space comes together.


Depending on its size, you can use your attic as a workspace, a lounge area or even a bedroom. This makes it an excellent solution for enjoying your home as your family grows.

3. Update Your Shower

If you have an older home, you might need modern bathroom amenities. While an older bathtub shower can still do the job, creating a relaxing space can help you feel renewed instead of just clean.


Similar to going to a nice hotel, simple touches can change your bathroom from a room you must use to one you hesitate to leave. A few changes to your shower can make a large difference.


A rainfall showerhead is a luxurious improvement, gently coating your entire body at once with water. To install one, you may need to increase your pipe size and add an access point to your ceiling.


Another way to upgrade your shower is to replace your curtain with a clear glass door. These doors make your shower feel more open and help steam stay in it longer, creating a spa-like experience.

4. Revamp Your Countertops


Old, chipped countertops can make an otherwise great kitchen or bathroom seem unfinished or outdated. By adding new countertops to your space, you can complete or transform their look.


Granite countertops can warm up a space and each is unique thanks to the stones collected during its formation. Another notable addition comes from marble, which can brighten a kitchen or bathroom. Quartz countertops are sturdy and can be a great option to avoid burns, scratches and stains. Another great kitchen option is a wood or bamboo cutting board, which can maximize your available workspace.

5. Convert Your Loft

If you have a large family or have guests over often, your home can sometimes feel crowded with insufficient space to relax, talk or watch television. Before you put up the “For Sale” sign, consider a loft conversion.


There are many things you can do with this sometimes awkward space. Use it as a separate living room or family room for an overflow of guests or when you need personal space. It’s also an excellent place to get natural light, but you might need curtains if you sleep.


Having an extra bedroom in your home raises its value, making a loft renovation an excellent choice if you want to sell your home shortly. Other ideas are to make your loft a separate home working space or a child’s playroom.

6. Utilize Storage Spaces

Sometimes, homes have more rooms or storage than needed. If that’s the case, you can renovate these areas to suit your needs.


For example, you can turn a walk-in closet into a reading nook, a cabinet into a workstation or a nightstand into a mini-bar. Creativity goes a long way in making your home the right space for your family. Using these areas is an inexpensive alternative to building on or renovating.

7. Add a Patio

Utilizing outdoor space is an excellent way to embrace your home again. If you have a yard space, consider building or pouring a patio you can utilize for dinners, parties and other events throughout the year. You can use wood, stones or concrete to create the deck, giving a solid surface for everyone to go out on and enjoy the fresh air.


You can add planters, a fire pit and outdoor furniture to make the space welcoming. For times when you want peace, a hammock or water feature is more beneficial.

8. Change Your Floors

Your floors make a huge difference in your home’s aesthetic — changing them can make your home look and feel new. Hardwood flooring is a solid choice, as it’s practically timeless and can look stunning. However, it’s not the best flooring for small kids and pets as it’s easily damaged.


Vinyl flooring is a good choice for floors that take a beating. They’re waterproof and can handle scratches and impacts.


For a soft, warm, sound-dampening floor material, carpet may be the best option, with many patterns and colors available. Tile is also a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

9. Add Colorful Accents

Accents can be subtle or significant, but they can transform a room in no time. Painting an accent wall can brighten or subdue a room you might not like spending time in. Choose a solid color or create a pattern using painter’s tape or a stencil.


Painting a wall is a great way to incorporate an accent, but you can also choose more minor changes, such as c accent furniture or decor items. With the right combination, you can refresh your space to enjoy it again.

Falling in Love With Your Home

The housing market is crazy. If your current needs differ from your old ones, you can use these tips to improve your home.