August 30, 2016 castlebri

This is a very common question, and can be the most difficult one to answer. The length of construction time can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of work to be completed. Here are some general estimates for “middle of the road” sized projects:

Kitchen and Bath Remodel: An average kitchen and bathroom remodel usually takes about two months.

Basement/Attic Finishing: Depending on the level of finish and size of your basement, it’s best to expect your remodel to take about four weeks. If you’re putting in a bathroom as well, it will be more in the six-to-eight week range.

Home Addition: Depending on square footage, a simple living room addition or 4-season porch takes about two to three months. This can vary greatly depending on if you’re thinking of adding a full basement underneath the addition.

Screen Porch and Deck Addition: When adding a new screen porch and deck, you can expect the project to last three to six weeks.

Whole House Remodel: When making a major addition and re-doing most of the house, the project length can vary greatly. Most projects of this nature take 3-5 months to complete from start to finish.

Remember, these are only rough estimates and will vary depending on the specific details of your remodel and existing conditions.