January 30, 2019 Colleen Bursaw

Jonathan knows a thing or two about great contractors and great clients, thanks to the near 50 renovations he tackles with Drew each year for their shows. He’s always working within a budget to ensure a client is happy when buying, selling, remodeling or rejuvenating their home. Who better to give you the low-down on working efficiently with a contractor?


Should I pay for an estimate?
Generally, no, you should not pay for estimates, but you should definitely make sure they are written. The only exception is if it’s specialty work that involves special equipment to survey; you’ll have to pay estimates in that case.


I always recommend having three companies bid on major work. You should get a good feeling from them about how organized they are based on how detailed their quote is… If it’s hand written on a napkin with no break down and one total number, you know this is probably not a good contractor.


The lowest bid is usually not the best bid. An estimate should include the scope of work, details on the warranty, description of materials and products being used, and timeframe for when it would be completed.


Homeowners can help with aspects of demolition, painting, even trim work, but leave the skilled work to the professionals.


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