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Old homes have their charm–until they are no longer safe and start to give off a decrepit aspect. Then they quickly go from “homey” to “fixer upper” in the eyes of the real estate market. Therefore, if your house is starting to show some of the more unsavory aspects of old age, keep reading to discover 6 renovations that can help give your home a necessary facelift before it’s too late. 

1. Siding Replacement


Arguably no aspect of the home has a more significant impact on curb appeal than the siding. Siding planks and shingles that are cracked, peeling, and faded have a powerful effect on making an otherwise good house look decrepit. 


While applying a fresh coat of paint is an option for houses that use wood planks, there are some house siding options, such as vinyl shingles, that cannot be painted. In addition, vinyl fades and shows signs of age at varying rates around the house depending on its UV and weather exposure, and it can be nearly impossible to make the siding look uniform without a complete siding replacement.


If you have reached this point, it will be worth the investment to upgrade to more durable steel log or fiber cement siding products. Although you will likely pay a little more upfront, these inorganic products have the highest weather and impact rating on the market and will last at least 50 years with a modicum of care. The result is an even, pristine curb appeal that does not require a high level of maintenance to provide a sparkling exterior aspect. 

2. Window Upgrade


Windows are a truly unique aspect of the home in that they are essential in ensuring both curb appeal and breathtaking interior design. They also play a vital role in sealing the building envelope and allowing natural light transmission. All in all, windows are kind of important.

However, a full-scale window replacement can be a bit pricey, especially if you upgrade to aluminum windows or choose to have hurricane grade windows installed. Therefore, a simple window sash replacement or other partial window project may be all you need to do to give your aging windows a facelift at a fraction of the cost.


3. Garage Door Replacement

Year in and year out, a garage door replacement is one of the most lucrative renovation projects a homeowner can undertake. By replacing a dinged and dented garage door with a more modern option, homeowners can do wonders for boosting curb appeal and giving their home a more contemporary look. The good news is that a professional replacement can be completed in as little as half a day, making it one of the quickest, most impactful projects available to homeowners.



4. Driveway Makeover

A crumbled driveway that has weeds growing through the cracks is one of the most obvious signs of an old and neglected home. Because a driveway typically shifts and cracks due to issues with the underlying substrate, it is critical that you have the best driveway drainage systems installed to ensure that the soil never erodes. Even if you have a good drainage system that holds the substrate in place, some cracks may appear due to compressive forces over time. If this is the case, make sure that you take steps for repairing cracks in concrete before the situation spreads and causes more damage to your home’s exterior appearance. 


5. Deck Facelift



Decks are an essential element of adding functional exterior space to a property. However, decks that have been neglected are not only unsightly, but dangerous. Degraded planks and ineffective railing put residents at increased risk of accident.

Therefore, it is important to regularly maintain your deck to keep it safe and its appearance top-notch. Some ideas include treating the planks with a high quality wood stain, replacing weathered railing with more durable and innovative hog wire deck railing, and adding a pergola to increase shade and provide an element of architectural intrigue. 


6. New Roof

A pristine roof is likely not the first thing people notice on a new home. However, a ratty roof sticks out like a sore thumb on an aging house. Faded asphalt shingles and wood shakes that have blown away in sections are major eyesores on older properties. Therefore, to protect the home and transform its appearance, a roofing replacement should be a top consideration. Innovative composite tiles combine rubber, fiberglass, and recycled paper to create a UV and impact resistant shingles that can help a roof keep its like-new appearance for up to 50 years. 


6 Impactful Renovations When Your House Shows Signs of Age

Even for those lovers of old homes, there comes a time when the worn out look is too much, and the home is no longer safe or functional. When this day arrives, a siding replacement, window upgrade, garage door replacement, driveway makeover, deck facelift, and new roof are 6 of the best renovations to make before the property falls into a state of disrepair. 


Lisa Thompkins is a freelance writer living in Dallas, Texas. She works closely in the Home Improvement and Real Estate fields and has a background in Interior Design. When not writing, Lisa enjoys spending her time out on the lake with her friends and family. Lisa’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.