May 21, 2017 Miriam Rothman

Low maintenance, impressive show, and longevity – you get it all with granite as compared to any other stone. Below is advice to follow on how to care for granite natural stone countertops.


Granite Countertop

A very sturdy stone, second only to diamond, granite is generally unaffected by most chemicals. Yet it is always advisable to use only neutral, mild, and vegetable oil-based cleaners in the company of scrubbing pads to clean granite countertops.


Wipe the counters regularly

As soil can prove to be abrasive and may damage the surface of the granite countertop, it is suggested to wipe the counters regularly. Because harsh cleansers may discolor the stone, it is always wise to choose a pH-balanced dishwashing liquid as a cleaning product. You may occasionally use an electric scrubbing machine or a rather forceful hand movement with a stronger solution of a neutral cleaning agent, to get rid of the tougher stains on the granite countertops.



Check out this YouTube video from other website on how to clean your granite countertop. (Credit to: Howcast)



Avoid prolonged contact with acid on granite

Though granite is a reliable stone that can withstand just about any hot and harsh item on its surface, it is not prudent to leave acidic (lemon, vinegar, soft drink) liquids on its surface for long as this may create a slightly dull surface in the area of contact.


Do not use granite as a cutting board

Your knives will quickly dull and repeated cutting may damage the countertop’s surface with light cut marks and eventually an abrasive surface. Any conspicuous cracking and chipping must be dealt with the help of professionals.


Avoid dragging utensils

Granite is comprised of many minerals and certain ones may scratch or chip. Therefore, it is only logical to avoid dragging utensils, pans, pots, and appliances across the granite countertop.


Use sealant once a year

As regular polishing is essential to keep the stone as good as new forever, it is suggested that a penetrating sealant, as recommended by your countertop installer, must be applied once a year. DO NOT go for a stone sealer that shall not penetrate granite, as these harsh solvents are hard to remove eventually.


Polish with a fine steel wool

Mend minor damages to the surface of the granite countertop by polishing with a fine steel wool. Scrape off a hard substance stuck to the surface of the countertop with a hard and thin object, like a debit card.





Above are tips on how to care for granite countertops. But do you know that granite and quartz countertops are different in many ways? Check them out here at this useful website on Comparison between Granite and Quartz Countertop.