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Saturday, April 17 at 10 am

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Join us as we tour a remodeled kitchen in Richfield, MN with designer Tracy O’Donnell and a remodeled condo in Minneapolis with designer Ashley Hansen.

As you learn about each unique project you will be inspired and equipped with all the information needed to start your own remodeling project. We will be streaming LIVE to our YouTube channel and Facebook Page simultaneously.

The April Impressive Progressive virtual tour is sponsored by:


Originally, the Impressive Progressive’s purpose was to provide an intimate setting where potential clients can see Castle’s most impressive remodeling projects. With the health and safety of homeowners in mind, we have decided to move this event to a virtual platform.

Attendees will still have the opportunity to learn about two of our most impressive projects and ask questions about the finished spaces all from the comfort of their own home.

Presented by

Loren Schirber


In 2008, after significant growth, Loren acquired Castle Building & Remodeling from his father. Loren continued to grow Castle Building & Remodeling by opening more neighborhood design studios and through unique marketing strategies. Loren is passionate about sustainable remodeling and design and educating homeowners about the remodeling process.

Ashley Hansen

Interior Designer / Remodeling Designer

Ashley Hansen recognizes that designers are given a great responsibility and opportunity to redefine quality. She truly enjoys the opportunity to build relationships with clients and help them form solutions which consider both function and their lifestyle.

Tracy O’Donnell

Interior Designer / Remodeling Designer

Tracy O’Donnell continuously pushes the boundaries of design, works fervently to find the balance of great function and innovative design, and adds unique details to make each space feel special.

Smarter Remodeling

At Castle Building & Remodeling we believe educating homeowners on all aspects of remodeling to be a foundation to our success. Our free educational classes and home tours allow homeowners to walk into their remodel fully prepared with little to no surprises.

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