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The Impressive Progressive’s purpose is to provide an intimate setting where potential clients can see Castle’s most impressive remodeling projects. As guests move from house to house, they will have the opportunity to mingle with our sta and ask questions about the nished spaces. Concluding at our showroom, potential clients are provided a one-on-one opportunity to discuss the possibilities of their future projects while enjoying refreshments.

As you move from each home, you will leave inspired and equipped with all the information needed to start your own remodeling project.

The best part? It’s free!

When: July 25, 1 – 4 pm
Where: 2600 Johnson St NE, Mpls

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100 out of 100 available July 2020 Impressive Progressive Starting at our NE Minneapolis showroom, 2600 Johnson St NE, guests will move house to house as they tour some of our most impressive projects. Concluding at our showroom, guests will have an opportunity to continue enjoying refreshments and discuss their future remodeling projects with our staff.

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