Project 2488-1

Home Style: 2 Story
Design Style: Eclectic: Eclectic
Project Completion Date: March 5, 2015

July 22, 2015 castlebri

This kitchen refresh was driven by a passion for cooking as well as accommodating one awesomely large gas range. This kitchen was adapted to tailor the homeowner’s style, size and desire for better functionality. The existing cabinets were painted in a neutral, warm color palette, and eclectic, fun elements were brought in through the custom tile backsplash and a beautiful granite countertops. Some cabinet alterations were made to accommodate a large gas range, island range hood and a revised layout. An overhang into the dining room was also added for barstools so that entertaining was easy while the homeowner’s cook away in the kitchen. The end result is modern and eclectic, reflecting the exciting yet relaxed personalities of the couple that utilize the space.