Project 3651-1

Home Style: Mid-Century Modern
Design Style: Mid-Century Modern
Project Completion Date: April 2021

September 28, 2021 castlebri

This mid-century home was in need of some restoration to its original roots. The kitchen was outdated and closed off with no dining area near to gather naturally and host guests. The clients desired to honor the style of the home but incorporate their personal style for a clean and modern look. The clients, who happen to be artists themselves, had a very graphic sense and their main objective was to have structure, function and organization for their new kitchen and dining.

For functionality purposes, the old office adjacent to the kitchen was the perfect space to repurpose into a dining room. Walls dividing those rooms were torn down, allowing natural light to flow easily throughout the space, creating the illusion of a bigger area. To cut down on costs, original windows remained and the layout of the kitchen generally stayed the same. The custom features incorporated showcase what’s important to the client. Custom cabinetry includes breadboards, pull out drawers, tray dividers and organizational dividers. Their banquette seating even has custom drawers for the purpose of shoe organization and miscellaneous items.

For aesthetic purposes, cherry and warm grey tones were chosen based on what was already throughout the home for a cohesive feel. White Fireclay handmade tiles were installed at a straight-set pattern with pops of gray for a modern backsplash. Mid-Century elements include their custom-made lighting and banquette seating area that was originally styled for the home.

Overall, the impact of the design brought about a bright, fresh modern uplift that were all in the details.