3rd Floor Attic Finish

July 31, 2017 Miriam Rothman

3rd story attic finish: gut space to floor joists, remove interior walls, furr down rafters and furr floor joists, spray foam rafters, create space for owner suite bedroom, 2 closets, bath. Full finish with lvt flooring. New laundry upstairs. Kitchenette rough in only. Excludes skylight (see options). NOTE- only includes adding landing at top of stairs, not redoing all stairs- need to verify with city what is allowed/grandfathered in. And need to verify with engineer what is required at floor/ceiling. Cost to be added if extra work needed. Excludes fire/sound proofing that may be required to make legal triplex- would also need architect for triplex (not included). Excludes kitchenette cabinetry/counter/sink/faucet/appliance install. Excludes double sink in bath- only one included at this time.

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Please note these project prices include average finishes and all labor and materials. By completing some of the work yourself such as demolition or painting and choosing moderate finishes you can reduce costs. Every home and project are different and discoveries that add costs are typical through the design and planning process.