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Spring Backyard Remodels in the Twin Cities

Spring is almost here. After the long Minnesota winter, some love and affection on the exterior will do. So, how about I save you, homeowners, the hassle, and show you how you’ll turn your exterior into your little haven.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your exterior for personal satisfaction or increase your home value for resale, this is the perfect time to take on your project – without worries about the ever-changing climate of the Twin Cities. Successful renovation, however, requires lots of planning and a touch of creativity.


Curious already? Take a look at some of the six renovations projects that’ll turn your backyard into a sanctuary.

1. Spruce up the Landscaping

Because your backyard and the front lawn is the first beautiful aspect of your home that you and your visitors are going to enjoy, let’s turn it into a botanical garden. Trees in the Twin Cities can get out of hand quickly too.

If you’re going to tackle an entire outdoor landscaping project, it’s going to be a costly venture. While it’s certainly an option, not everyone has that kind of budget. However, you can start small, and piece together your final project.

Decide in advance the type of flowers, trees and other plants you want, and what area they’ll cover. To save on cost, try planting seeds instead of buying already grown plants. The warm spring weather in the Twin Cities supports germination. If you’re not sure what type of flowers or decorative plants would succeed in your lawn, consider chatting with our friends at Field Outdoor Spaces, LLC. They are award winning and create arboretum-worthy spaces in your yard.

Be mindful of weed maintenance near driveways and walkways. They can be eyesores to look at if they are not tended to on a regular basis.

  • Weed them
  • Trim their edges
  • Mow them

For anything bigger than routine flowers and weeds, consider calling an arborist to remove potentially dangerous branches that could be problematic for your home.


2. Redo the Driveways

The driveway receives no love during the winter. The harsh Minnesota winter weather leaves crack on your driveway, especially if it’s made of concrete. Shoveling alone won’t be enough, a little more than a new coat of asphalt layer will do.

Because this is not a project you can do on your own, a professional will suffice. A professional will work on a firmer foundation, correct base material, and proper grading. However, there are driveway maintenance tips you can pursue to curtail long-term weather and erosion on a consistent basis.

Concrete, asphalt, labor, and other materials can be costly. Plan with your constructor and see where you can chip to cut on labor costs. Your constructor should also suggest cheaper yet effective alternatives.

Consider repairing in phases in case you can’t afford all of it at once.

3. Repaint

If you notice the winter left your walls looking dull because paint that is chipping or cracking, perhaps consider a new coat or a new color all together.

Painting is one of the few changes you can make to your house that creates an entirely different look without costing a fortune. Depending on your preference, choose colors that go well with the exterior, or complement outdoor accents like your shutters.

Many experts recommend choosing neutral or muted colors because they have a wide appeal, but it’s your house. Paint it exactly as you see fit.

However, sticking to one or two colors will save you on cost. Doing the labor yourself will also alleviate some of your expenses.

4. Install LED lights/Outdoor Entertainment

You cannot overlook the importance of outdoor entertainment and lighting.

Excellent lighting will do the magic in giving your gloomy backyard an ambiance of a lifetime – making those night gatherings something to look forward to. Additionally, incorporating either a sound system or television (or both) gives you a centerpiece to draw your guest’s attention.

First, ensure the exterior of the house is adequately lit. The driveway, parking, and walking paths are yet other critical parts you cannot overlook.

Depending on your budget and preference, choose your lighting and whatever entertainment piece fits your style. However, unless you have prior knowledge of wiring and electrical wires, be extremely diligent in your research or call an expert.

5. Look into Hardscapes for Your Backyard Renovation

Do you long for a time when you could have company over for drinks and barbeque? Those days feel like a lifetime ago, but there’s hope for them to return soon. When they do come back, you want to be prepared.

Outdoor hardscapes would be the perfect entertainment area for such an occasion. You can begin your project now while down time is abundant for all and bear the fruits of your labor when society returns to a relative sense of normalcy.

However, your options to choose from are vast. Should you pour a concrete patio? What about installing a hardwood deck? It’s difficult to discern which is best for your living space.

Concrete patios work great for backyards that remain relatively flat. You can butt them against the posterior side of your home, or even run them alongside a swimming pool or your fence line. On the other hand, decks are for more elevated backyard terrain.

Instead of shelling out several hundreds of dollars to level out the yard, homeowners will instead build up and create a new space. Decks are traditionally more expensive long-term and require more upkeep.

Also consider a she-shed to improve your outdoor storage capacity. These are great for storing lawn equipment, seasonal patio furniture, or you can even turn it into a hobby shed to focus on painting, crafting, or whatever your passion is.

6. Plant and Trim Fences

Need a little privacy? Stray dogs and other animals disturbing your peace? Well, it could be time to put up a fence. It’s easier to dig up the holes for poles in the Minnesota spring weather.

However, this project might require the help of an expert. For the poles, you have an option to choose between wooden, aluminum, steel, and iron. A wooden fence is easier to build. However, they have high maintenance costs considering they require frequent staining, and they could rot over time.

If you already have a fence, consider repairing it. This could include changing poles, greasing where necessary, and replacing destroyed areas.


An elegant home is a worthy investment. Whether looking to resell your home or just keeping it stylish, taking care of the outdoors is essential. In the Twin Cities, it’s easier to take care of your backyard in spring because of the good weather and perfect condition of the soil.

The above repair projects will turn your backyard into a haven where you, your family, and friends can have a good time.

Dominic LoBianco is a guest author on behalf of Crawlspace Depot. Dominic covers a wide array of topics in his writing ranging from home improvement to real estate financing and everything in-between.