November 20, 2012 castlebri

Hello Castle Friends!

We hope that this week finds you in great excitement for the holidays, especially with Thanksgiving a few days away.  If you didn’t get your kitchen or bathroom remodeled in preparation for the holidays, because you know that nagging friend of yours wasn’t the real reason, then perhaps you should consider doing so for next year’s holidays. Small kitchens and tiny baths make a house full of people simply a drag! In the meantime we’ve got a more “readily available” option for you, the very exciting remodeling of your attic/ ½ story! But before we talk dirty let’s give a great shout out to our dear friends over at J.A. Geiger studio. They will be hosting an open studio on Small Business Saturday along with Tracie Thompson and Lauri Flaquer (See images below for samples of all 3 companies work).

If you’re not aware of Small Business Saturday…then get in the know! It’s a great day to support your local and independent shops, which as a business benefits your community in far more ways than any of the big box stores. Consider stopping in to your favorite local shop and begin your holiday shopping there instead of at a big chain.

In more current news, tonight we’re hosting our ½ story/attic education class at our NE Showroom. So ask yourself…do you have an attic / ½ story that you’re just not quite sure how to turn it into a livable space? Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about a new home office or a play room for the kids, or even an additional bathroom. Tonight we will be hosting a class on how you can turn your attic into the space of your dreams.

Some things to consider when remodeling your attic ½ story are the layout, space planning, ease of use, and the overall design. The layout and space planning are crucial depending on the project. You may have dreams of putting a guest space complete with a bathroom but in reality your current space may only allow for a small office and no bath. While you can consider adding square footage from adjacent spaces to increase, for some that may not be an option. Ease of use is also very important. The layout works hand in hand with the ease of use in the room; are the stairs in the center of the room? Do you have to do a lot of ducking to get to the main area? These are all things that could affect the flow of the space and cause some distress when actually utilizing the final room.  The overall design is what encompasses everything, from how the room ends up looking to making the decision to adding square footage, the overall design is the final say in what your new space will be.

There are so many more details that factor into remodeling your ½ story. If you’d like to take a jump on your dream space come into our class tonight at our NE location, registration is online. In the meantime check out some amazing attic remodels to help get you inspired!

Register for our class tonight:

Get inspired to redo your attic:

Don’t eat too much turkey this week, and as you lay there on your couch wishing your kitchen was just a little bigger to get that one person off your back, consider us! We’ll happily turn that space into both yours and your friends dream space!

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