Trade Partner Set Up (Internal Use)

Dear Castle Trade Partner, this page is intended to help keep all Castle reference documents in one place and make it easy for you to get your questions answered. These documents are for subcontractors to Castle who provide labor.  Also, in effort to cut down unnecessary printing, new trade partners are asked to review the information provided below.  If you have suggestions on information that should be included here but you don’t see listed, please email

Step 1: Please complete the form below with relevant business and insurance information.

Trade Partner Signup

A form used for Trade Partners to submit business and insurance information.
The full legal name of your company.
INVOICES are required to receive payment from Castle, please email your invoices to

Other Company Contacts

Contact info for other company representatives Castle will need to reach.
Please include a brief description of your company. When founded. How many employees. Unique facts.


Our goal is to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and complete outreach to the community with the goal of raising awareness of working in the remodeling trades in minority and underrepresented communities. We also strive to learn more about DEI and give back to the community via volunteering.
1. Is 33% or more of your company owned by women and or minorities? 2. Is 25% or more of your company comprised of women and or minority employees? If your answer is yes to either question, please reply yes.

Tax and Insurance Information

Include Insurance company name, contact name, phone, and email.

Additional Insured

*** Castle Building & Remodeling Inc. must be listed on your certificate of insurance showing both Liability and Work Comp coverage. This insurance coverage is required to work for Castle.

Step 2: Please Review Castle’s General Expectations and Housekeeping Document as well as our 2023 Trade Partner agreement.  Upon submission of the above form the most current Trade Partner agreement will be sent to you for electronic signature.

Download (PDF, 189KB)

Download (PDF, 717KB)

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