August 24, 2011 castlebri

One of our missions at Castle Building & Remodeling is to help educate the public about remodeling.  One area of the remodeling industry that is particularly murky and tough to navigate is typical project costs.  Almost daily we receive a call that starts with “We are really early in the process and don’t want to waste your time but we are trying to figure out about how much it will cost if we do ……. to our home”.   Castle Building & Remodeling is proud to roll out a new Project Costs section on our website, designed to answer this question for about 50 of our most common projects.  Each project type has a page that looks like this and is linked to a PDF with a breakdown on project costs by category of work. 

We have also added a page about Financing options Castle offers and a link to resources that provide low interest loans, rebates, and other incentives to remodel.  Interestingly we are seeing a pronounced shift in attitudes away from financing and are seeing a return to the desire to pay cash for home improvements or repairs.  We are still seeing clients who want to do things right and that will last (which can cost more), and then sometimes we are seeing them utilize a credit card to help stretch their budget (or maybe it is just the rewards points they are after).   

Whether you need more info on project costs or financing options offered, please give us a call at 612-789-8509 in Minneapolis or 651-699-4164 in St. Paul.