Project 3399-1 kitchen bath whole house remodel LR 6

Project 3399-1

Home Style: Split Level
Design Style: Contemporary
Project Completion Date: August 2018

September 14, 2018 Colleen Bursaw

New owners brought a new vision for this 1986 Golden Valley home. Part of the vision was to reconfigure the main level to better accommodate their lifestyle. This was accomplished by making the kitchenette, kitchen, dining room and living room one large open space. Two large kitchen islands now become the focal point which welcome people in.


Another substantial change has been the combination of two bedrooms to make one large master suite. The master suite now includes a bedroom, large master closet, multipurpose room and the master bathroom has almost doubled in size. The idea behind the master’s multipurpose room is that it can function as an office or sitting room or baby’s room.


In addition to the layout changes is an overhaul of the main level finishes. New materials have been selected to create a simplistic and neutral backdrop which transformed the space into a modern design aesthetic.


This remodel has created a space that is to set the tone for revamping the home’s exterior and basement. The main level and entryway is now the space these new homeowners envisioned spending the next twenty plus years.


See this project in person on the 2018 Castle Home Tour, September 29 – 30th.