Window Replacement 101

An educational class held at our Longfellow showroom.

Next Class is TBD 

Longfellow Show Room: 4020 Minnehaha Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406

At Castle’s Window Replacement 101 Education Class you can see Marvin window samples, feel the quality of the craftsmanship, open and close and tilt in the windows, meet the Castle team, and ask questions about your project.  We do it all: Wood repair, interior trim re-installation / touch-ups, interior wall touch-ups, stucco patch, glass block, wood, vinyl, storm windows and doors. By seeing our showroom and available options you will be inspired and equipped with all the information needed to start your own window replacement remodeling project.

The Windows Replacement 101 Education Class is sponsored by:

  • Longfellow Castle Showroom

The Windows Replacement 101 Educational Class is presented by our Special Projects Division Manager, Brent Fuqua.

Brent Fuqua


Brent has over 30 years of experience establishing and maintaining strong business relationships and providing exceptional customer service and sales across multiple industries. Brent has a wide range of experience in the construction industry from laborer to foreman. He spent time working on luxury homes in Kansas City, opening and assisted living centers in rural Wisconsin, and even assisting in repairing homes damaged by hurricanes in Florida.

Brent has a love for bicycling. He is the co-founder of The Recovery Bike shop, as well as, The Cycling Museum of Minnesota. He enjoys spending time in the creative fields with professional experience in photography, music, and graphic arts.

Core Values

At Castle Building & Remodeling we believe educating homeowners on all aspects of remodeling to be a foundation to our success. Our free educational classes, Project Reveals, and home tours allow homeowners to walk into their remodel fully prepared with little to no surprises.

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