Project 3501-1 Kitchen Remodel Plaid Wallpaper St. Paul 55116 LR 1

Project 3501-1

Home Style: 2 Story
Design Style: Transitional
Project Completion Date: May 2019

July 18, 2019 Colleen Bursaw

This twin home was the perfect home for these empty nesters – retro-styled bathrooms, beautiful fireplace and built-ins, and a spectacular garden. The only thing the home was lacking was a functional kitchen space.


The old kitchen had three entry points – one to the dining room, one to the back entry, and one to a hallway. The hallway entry was closed off to create a more functional galley style kitchen that isolated traffic running through and allowed for much more countertop and storage space.


The clients wanted a transitional style that mimicked their design choices in the rest of the home. A medium wood stained base cabinet was chosen to warm up the space and create contrast against the soft white upper cabinets. The stove was given two resting points on each side, and a large pantry was added for easy-access storage. All new appliances were ordered from Warners’ Stellian. The original box window at the kitchen sink remains, but the same granite used for the countertops now sits on the sill of the window, as opposed to the old wood sill that showed all water stains and wears. The granite chosen (Nevaska Granite) is a wonderful color mixture of browns, greys, whites, steely blues and a hint of black. A marble tile backsplash from The Tile Shop accents the warmth found in the wood tone of the base cabinets and countertops.


Elegant lighting was installed as well as task lighting to compliment the bright, natural light in this kitchen. A flip-up work station will be added as another work point for the homeowners – likely to be used for their stand mixer while baking goodies with their grandkids. Magnolia Homes plaid wallpaper adds another layer of visual interest and texture.


The end result is an elegant and timeless design that the homeowners will gladly use for years to come.


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