The kitchen, as we all know, is where people congregate at any gathering. The importance of the kitchen, as well as the technologies available to make our lives more convenient, have evolved over the years. The kitchen has changed from a utilitarian space that was often delegated the “leftover” main floor space to a modern-day gathering place and the focal point of your home. Let our award-winning designers and craftsmen help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

Kitchen Makeover

A makeover is a simpler form of a kitchen remodel, and normally involves saving the cabinets and updating parts of the kitchen. Makeovers range from replacing countertops to major projects that change spaces and transform styles.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel starts by gutting the space to the studs to allow for a brand new kitchen. Kitchen additions are common in older homes where space was at a premium when the home was constructed, and kitchen and dining space was often undervalued. From small cantilevered additions to two-story additions, kitchens are often the reason we add on to our homes. Removing a wall is an easier project than an addition, but often creates the same effect by connecting two spaces where the sum is greater than the two individual units.

Typical Kitchen Project Costs

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