Design Build Process : Process Flowchart

As Castle Building & Remodeling has grown from a one-man crew to a larger remodeling firm, we have recognized the importance of establishing a process and systems to ensure consistent timeliness and quality of projects. Although each project is unique, most of the steps in our process are similar. We have created a process flowchart that lays out our process from the time you call or meet us through completion of the final checklist items. A more detailed version of this process flowchart gets printed out with each job and attached to your job folder. As your project proceeds and tasks are completed, the Castle team member who completes the task initials and dates the flowchart to signify completion. This system helps Castle ensure that all of the major tasks are completed as well as the little things we do that set us apart from our competitors.

Please keep in mind that our process is continually evolving and not all steps apply to each project.

Download (PDF, 601KB)

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