Are you tired of all the clutter and junk that’s collecting in your attic? Imagine how nice it would be if, instead of an eyesore, you had beautiful finished space that could include a master suite, extra bath or rec room. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you need to update an already finished attic to get rid of ice dams or add a dormer to create more living space Castle can help you make the most of your home’s attic space.


A makeover is works with the current framing of the space. Makeovers typically involve removing ice dams, adding a dormer to create more living space, or even just finishing off the space for better insulation and storage space.


An attic remodel starts by gutting the space to the studs to allow for a brand-new attic. Dormers are added to create space to include up to 2 bedrooms, closets, hall, and bath. There are many upgrade options available such as skylights, walk-in closets and even a fireplace.

Typical Attics Project Costs

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