Adding on to your home or adding a 2nd floor is a great way to drastically increase the square footage in some older homes. These projects take significant planning and often involve updating many mechanical systems. Creating an addition that works structurally, blends in seamlessly from the exterior and ties in and fits with the interior space proportionally and stylistically can be a challenge.

Our team of Remodeling Designers/Interior Designers and Project Managers can help you from space planning to paint colors. Whether you decide to work with an Architect or Design/Build company we encourage you to do your research and understand the differences between the two.

Our Professional Approach and Precise Planning Process lead to predictable remodeling timeline and costs. Give us a call to get started in planning your remodeling project.


While no addition is a small project, there are smaller additions that can be created. Many homeowners are looking to stay within their existing home but add that one space that is missing. By adding a mudroom, office space, or even extending out your family room, you can drastically change the flow and overall look of the home. These additions are created on a crawlspace foundation.


Larger additions are created to drastically increase the square footage of your home. A full shell addition creates enough space for three rooms and a bathroom. From there the additions planning becomes more complex as the additions become larger. Our highly experienced team is well equipped to create the perfect addition for your home.

Typical Additions Project Costs

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