Design Build Process : Precise Planning


1st visit – your home – Castle rep/homeowner

  • Quick dimensions and photos of your space.
  • Discuss options, ideas, and process
  • Budget analysis emailed within 1-2 weeks of meeting
  • There may be a meeting to review budget analysis or revision made to budget analysis prior to signing into design

Sign design agreement / pay design fee – coordinate with designer

  • Let the Castle rep who visited your home know you are ready to move forward with the design process.
  • Design agreements can be printed, signed, scanned, and emailed back to your designer or e-signed online.
  • Most design payments are made online through Quickbooks using a bank routing number.  Alternatively, a check can be mailed or dropped off to 2710 E 33rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55406.
  • Call our Office Manager (612)877-8383 with any questions.

Re-measure- your home- coordinate with designer

  • This step may or may not be needed, depending on what information is taken at 1st visit
  • Typically

Design meeting 1 – Castle location- designer/homeowner

  • Review conceptual plans.
  • Discuss general design style, fixture and material ideas.


Example of Conceptual Plans:

Design Meeting 2 – Castle location- designer/homeowner

  • Review preliminary plans- floor plan revisions, elevations, electrical plans
  • Select fixtures
  • Select materials


Example of Preliminary Plans:

Download (PDF, 4.66MB)

*Note- depending on the size of the project, more design meetings may be necessary, and emails regarding selections and plans are common between meetings as well; also note that additional plan fees may incur if more than 5 design meetings held or plan revisions made- your designer will keep you up to date and notify you in advance of any additional fees (please refer to the design and planning agreement)

Trade Partner Site Visit (TPSV) – your home- project manager (PM)/designer/trades

  • All dimensions are finalized on plans and 99% of selections have been made.
  • This onsite meeting aims to resolve and avoid future issues.  Note we may need to do investigation/opening up of walls/ceilings with homeowner pre-approval.
  • Details are discussed with all trade partners so details can be finalized and plans updated.

Present proposal – emailed or in person- designer/homeowner

  • Pricing document, scope of work, and plans

Final design meeting – Castle- designer/homeowner

  • Review final plans, pricing, selection
  • Last changes discussed

Example of Final Plans:

Proposal revised – typically emailed by designer

Contract Signing – Castle showroom location- designer/homeowner

  • Contract signing with designer (need 2 business days notice minimum to put together contract)
  • Typically 30-40% down payment (30% for baths)
  • Give lock box to clients for placement on door throughout project.

Pre-Construction walkthrough – your home- PM/homeowner

  • PM takes over as main communication contact since design phase complete and discusses details prior to work starting.
  • Design Assistant orders materials after contract signing.
  • Designer is available to answer questions/meet on-site with PM/homeowner during project as needed.  Typically, designers visit during electrical, tile, and other critical stages.

Construction begins 5-14 weeks after contract signing (6-10 is typical).

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