Design Team


Natalie received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the Art Institute of MN and has been actively working in the industry ever since.   She attended an alternative high school at the Minnesota Zoo called the School of Environmental Studies, where she developed a passion for environmental sciences.  Right out of high school, she decided to pursue a career in Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma where she spent two years chasing tornados and attending Sooner football games.  While this was exciting, she knew that it was not a lifetime career path for her.

She has been interested in art, architecture and interiors since childhood and settled on the field of interior design for her next educational adventure.  She loves to use her knowledge of environmental sciences in her designs to help create functional, livable spaces that are sustainable and healthy for her clients.  Natalie believes that listening intently to a client’s needs is the most important piece in creating the perfect personalized design.

Natalie finds inspiration for design in traveling – she enjoys traveling to Europe, specifically Scandinavia – and finds inspiration in nature.   When she’s not chasing her toddler around the house, she spends her free time doing outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, fishing & kayaking, and loves yoga, cooking while drinking wine, and of course, watching thunderstorms with extreme excitement.



Designing and crafting is something that has been ingrained into Ashley’s character through the influence of family and friends. The concept of DIY (do-it-yourself) was taught to her early on. From years of practicing this whether it be sewing clothes, sewing her comforter, making art, or upholstering furniture she developed a passion for design.

Ashley recognizes that designers are given a great responsibility and opportunity to redefine quality. Interior Design is an outlet in which she is able to share this belief knowing how the layout, selections and aesthetic appearance of a space can truly impact people. Therefore she truly enjoys the opportunity to build relationships with clients and help them form solutions which consider both form and function and best accommodate their lifestyle.

Beyond work she likes to get outside as much as possible and is typically up for doing anything active. Some of her favorites are snowboarding, walking, rollerblading, and exploring the city via bike. A special appreciation for NE drives her to investigate the local spots unique to the area.



Chantel Tapp has been designing and improving her surroundings for as long as she can remember. In 2019, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from Bob Jones University. Since then, she has enjoyed working in a variety of areas, from high-end residential new construction to commercial design within the hospitality industry.

Her love for renewing dated spaces comes naturally, as she grew up in a family of renovators. Chantel spent part of her teenage years ripping down plaster and lathe, switching out windows, painting, and re-imaging rooms. She takes great satisfaction in seeing the before and after transformations made possible by great design. She believes that the definition of design is problem solving for each project has its own unique challenges. Yet she believes overall, each challenge is similar in the fact that she needs to find the best possible solution for the space to perform functionally and to be aesthetically pleasing.

In her free time, Chantel enjoys travel and quality time with family and friends.




Nina received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Dunwoody College of Technology located in Minneapolis. She has a fire in her for watching designs come to life, and how those designs impact the happiness of her clients. She enjoys learning about the history of architecture and spaces, as this influenced her passion with design while understanding how it got there and the challenges it might hold. Each space is uniquely created, and she believes those spaces should reflect the people within them and be able to tell their story through beautiful and innovative designs.


In her free time Nina enjoys spending time with her friends and family, cooking, traveling, camping on the lake with her husband, and experiencing new places and new people!




Maya Saliba received her Bachelor and Master’s Degree of Advanced Studies in Interior Architecture from Holly Spirit University USEK – Lebanon. She has 12+ years of international experience in the commercial and the residential design.

Maya moved to Minnesota in 2016, where she started learning English and enhanced her design expertise at Minneapolis College and University of Minnesota. She is a self-taught artist, creative and passionate about her handmade wood burning art.

While on vacation, Maya and her husband enjoy road trips/gateways to discover other states and all they have to offer: including the beautiful various scenery each state has to offer, the traditions, cultures, and variety of different foods.



DESIGN ASSISTANT – Peter Stoutenburgh


Peter, a lifelong Minnesotan, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with a minor in architecture.  When not cycling around his favorite lakes, he can usually be found at his computer intently enjoying one of his many passions such as science fiction, music, and military history.  He jokes, “My childhood heroes wore different uniforms than most.”  More than anything else, he loves puzzles, both creating them and solving them.

Since high school, he has been involved in the designing, building, and maintaining of residential and light commercial buildings.  Over the last 2 decades, he’s been a laborer, a draftsman, an estimator, an office manager, and an independent consultant within the industry.  As one of Castle’s newest team members, he looks forward to putting his skills and experience to productive use.




Brent has over 30 years of experience establishing and maintaining strong business relationships and providing exceptional customer service and sales across multiple industries. Brent has a wide range of experience in the construction industry from laborer to foreman. He spent time working on luxury homes in Kansas City, opening assisted living centers in rural Wisconsin, and even assisting in repairing homes damaged by hurricanes in Florida.

Brent has a love for bicycling. He is the co-founder of The Recovery Bike shop, as well as, The Cycling Museum of Minnesota. He enjoys spending time in the creative fields with professional experience in photography, music, and graphic arts.




After graduating with a B.S. in Accounting, becoming a CPA and working 3 jobs in 3 years, Steve took a large paycut to go to work as a trim carpenter and cabinet maker.  He started his own carpentry/remodeling company after a few years and ran it until the housing market crash of 2007.  He then went back into accounting as a bank auditor and then a 3 year stint at Boston Scientific. He attained his MBA during this time period.  The office environment was difficult so he begged and pleaded for a carpentry job with Castle Building and Remodeling.  Once at Castle, he transitioned to project manager for several years, finally landing in Special Project sales.

Steve is married with 3 kids (ages 14-20).  He enjoys camping, bowhunting, and hiking.  His 1914 Minneapolis home and river  cabin in Pine City keep his carpentry skills sharp.

Design Team Titles

Our designers each have unique backgrounds and skill sets, although most received degrees in either Interior Design or Architecture. Below you will see how many hours are expected of Castle’s design/sales staff and how their continuing education and industry experience relate to their titles as well.

Remodeling Designer: 16+ field credit hours minimum, plus one year or industry experience

Remodeling Design Pro: 32+ field credit hours in past two years (16 hours annual ongoing continuing education), $600,000+ in annual completed remodeling projects two consecutive years.