Design Build Process : Budget Estimate

The budget estimate is a paid service that Castle provides to help potential clients determine the investment required for their desired project. Most professional remodeling firms will not provide any kind of budget estimate in writing or even verbally. They would prefer to have a final set of plans before discussing price, contending that a price cannot be given until a project is designed and materials are specified. Although this is in theory true, Castle believes that it is our duty to try our best to share approximate costs with potential clients so that they can make a judgment about the value of the project before spending thousands of dollars on design fees.

Fun Fact: Castle’s budget estimate is as detailed or more detailed than many contractor’s final contracts.

How accurate are the budget estimates? The budget estimates are generally very accurate as long as the size and scope of the project does not change significantly from the first visit to contract signing. It is very common for difficulties in older homes to be discovered in the design process and for projects to evolve as more parties become involved, which usually pushes costs up, many times above the budget estimate.

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