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At Castle Building & Remodeling, we aim to guide you smoothly through the journey of remodeling. We’re a Design/Build firm that handles both large and small projects, meaning we’re by your side from the initial design and estimation phase, right up to the completion of construction. What makes us stand out? Our unique expertise in working with and preserving the charm of older homes. Additionally, our showrooms are stocked with products specifically tailored for older homes, setting us apart from the rest. We offer transparent, line-item pricing and our website is a treasure-trove of educational resources to help you at every step. We’re so confident in our design and planning process that we offer a lifetime warranty, a guaranteed completion date, and upfront pricing. With us, you never have to worry about unexpected costs.

Below is an overview of how to get started with a smaller project or a larger design/build project.

Special Projects Team

Have a small project that doesn’t require much design? We have an incredibly talented team of tradesmen that can take most unique projects. Check out our Special Projects Team to see if your project is a fit and fill out the contact form to get a site visit scheduled.

Best fit – When hiring CastleBRI for your special project needs, we truly shine in the following categories: Decks (including side entry decks), porches, windows, doors/storm doors, carpentry projects, drywall, demolition, framing, interior doors and trim, painting, and tile. We have some of the most skilled craftsmen anywhere in these disciplines on staff and they’re more than qualified to tackle these jobs for you. Finally, if your project requires little to no design work, then it most likely will be a great fit for our small projects team.

Design / Build Project

Congratulations on taking the first steps in your journey through a home remodeling project. Remodeling projects are expensive and stressful and you’ll need to do your research to have a good experience. You’re off to a good start, you have made it to the website with the most information on residential remodeling. We know you are excited but before you get in touch with us, you’ve got some reading and research to do. We recommend you start by checking out our detailed process flowchart. Reading through this 14-step process will help you understand the steps and order that things happen on remodeling projects.

Second, we suggest you look through our portfolio of past projects to get ideas, see the latest trends and classic looks, get inspired, and generally oh and ah at what could be.  At this point anything is possible so dream big and think outside the box.

Third, I hate to wake you from your dream, but it’s time to get back to reality.  That was fun dreaming, but what are all these great ideas for improving your life through professional remodeling really going to cost?  You’re in luck. We have about 50 example line-item estimates for all of the most common remodeling projects on our Project Cost page. These examples will help you to get an idea of your project costs so you can decide if your idea is worth the investment or not.  Maybe, you’d be better to move?

Fourth, you now have dreams and a budget range and it’s time to figure out how to make this all happen.  Most of our clients end up using some kind of financing to pay for their improvements.  Some use a home equity line of credit to pay for their projects while others end up with a whole new mortgage that incorporates the costs of an addition and pays off their old mortgage.  You can find out more about financing options for your remodeling project to make sure you are financially capable of tackling the project you dream of.

Awesome work checking out projects to get inspired, looking at project costs, and looking into financing.  Now it’s time to talk with our Sales Leader about your project(s).  You can schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with our sales team and get all your questions answered.  We will reach out to confirm your call. During the phone consult, we will discuss what you want to accomplish with your remodeling project, any special needs, and what type of investment you want to make in your home. As we discuss the project over the phone we will be taking notes to pass along to the sales person or designer that visits your home.

During the first visit to your home we will discuss the project(s) with you, take photographs, and measurements and explain how Castle performs the design & planning process. We will leave a copy of our pretty brochure that contains information about Castle, our team of professionals, photos of projects, and our annual infographic.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this overview of working with Castle.  We hope to have the chance to help you make your home your castle!

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