About Us: Management Team

Castle Remodeling Org Chart Employees 2019


Loren Schirber attended the University of North Dakota where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and received a Certificate of Entrepreneurship. After UND Loren worked for CROSSMARK Sales and Marketing, an organization that competed in the space between consumer-packaged goods companies and mass merchandisers, eventually moving to Plano, TX to work at the corporate headquarters. After two years in the corporate world, Loren decided to return to Minneapolis to attend graduate school and be closer to his future wife, Jill Wilhelmi, family, and friends. Loren attended the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management full-time, and received his MBA in 2005. Loren’s studies focused on Venture Growth, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing.

While attending the U of M Loren began working at his father’s business Castle Building & Remodeling learning the remodeling business. In 2008, after significant growth, Loren acquired Castle Building & Remodeling from his father. Loren continued to grow Castle Building & Remodeling by opening more neighborhood design studios and through unique marketing strategies. In 2012, Loren merged Castle with Camelot Builders and partnered with Aaron Johnson. In 2014, Castle acquired The Natural Built Home Store which Loren has taken an active role in managing. Loren is passionate about sustainable remodeling and design and is an avid walker and biker. In his free time Loren volunteers for the Northeast Investment Cooperative board where he has learned about commercial real estate development using a coop model. Loren is married to Jill Wilhelmi and lives in NE Minneapolis. In 2016 Loren and Jill adopted a baby boy and started their family.


AJ Owner Aaron Johnson is one of the owners of Castle and serves as Chief Operations Officer overseeing production and the sales and design teams. Aaron formerly owned Camelot Builders, LLC where he gained a deep understanding of how homes work and many years of experience remodeling older homes.

His years of experience and calm demeanor make him ideal to oversee Castle’s large group of employees and the 50-60 projects we typically have going at any one time. A special ability to multi-task and a willingness to almost live on his cell phone allows Aaron to manage a group of Project Managers and efficiently oversee several projects at the same time.

Aaron is an avid brewer of beer (and consumer) and has grown his own hops. In his spare time Aaron likes to canoe the boundary waters. Aaron is married to Betsy Reller Johnson, has three children in the Minneapolis Public School system, and lives in NE Minneapolis.


SNWith a vast amount of knowledge in structural framing in older homes and 15 years experience in the remodeling industry, Scott has gone from just being on the team, to leading the team as our newest Project Manager. Scott received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at the Iowa State University. At home Scott enjoys spending time with his two children, who attend the Robbinsdale Spanish Emersion School, and cooking for his family. Now that Scott is in charge of projects and not necessarily doing the dirty work, he likes to fix things up around the house and family cabin when he can. One day Scott hopes to leave the remodeling world to become a hops farmer and brew his own beer.


THTravis Hansen started his career in the field working with siding and window crews and then branched off on his own. As the owner of Equity Investments Travis bought, fixed up and sold 8 homes completing nearly all of the remodeling work himself. Through the years, he has dabbled in several trades and became pretty spectacular with his hands. He is a perfect fit for handling the wide variety of projects we receive in our special projects division. Travis resides in Friendly Fridley and has a 10 month old daughter. He enjoys ice fishing and hunting at his cabin whenever he gets a chance. It is rumored that Travis either had a mishap with superglue or he is balding and does not want anyone to know since he never takes off his green Wild hat.


DRBefore becoming a carpenter, Dave had a few funky jobs that included doing endangered species surveys in Oregon and building custom Harley Davidson motorcycles. Dave started as an entry level carpenter in the middle of January (not the best decision) for what was at the time one of the biggest new home builders in the Twin Cities. He worked in the remodeling division and became a foreman after four years and worked for that company for a total of eight years. Dave then started his own carpentry sub-contracting company, working mostly with companies specializing in fire, water and storm damage. Dave has been with Castle since April of 2013, originally as a carpenter and now as a Project Manager.


SC Before becoming a carpenter, Steve had a boring desk job that was sucking life out of him and turning his hair grey.  Steve loved working with his hands and completing remodeling projects at his NE Minneapolis home in his spare time and decided to take the plunge and enter a new industry.  After a year in the field of showing off his smarts and carpentry skills Steve was promoted to Project Manager.  Steve is passionate about sustainability and loves learning about new building science techniques and products. Steve has 3 children in elementary/middle school and enjoys spending time in the wilderness.



PROJECT MANAGER – Brian Evilsizer

Brian started his career in residential construction by cleaning job sites for a local builder in Wisconsin while in high school.  After high school he tried to work in an office a few times but found out that “desk jobs are not his thing.”  Working his way through various construction jobs – framing/trimming, warranty repairs, kitchen and bath design, building maintenance, warranty manager, and project manager – has given him a unique perspective and strong background in all aspects of remodeling projects.  Brian resides in Plymouth with his wife and has a 20 year old son and a 16 year old daughter who keep him very busy. He enjoys fishing, being outside, working out, and watching his kids play sports.


OFFICE MANAGER  – Tambra Lee Heine

Tambra Heine

Tambra has been in the accounting world for over 25 years, where she has worked mostly for small businesses and nonprofits. She graduated with a Bachelors in Business (Accounting emphasis) and later went back to become a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional. “But I try to make a profit,” Tambra jumps in, as she laughs at her own joke.


Tambra came to Castle because she has always had an interest in architecture, design and remodeling. She also likes cost accounting, which she gets to work on as a Castle Office Manager. She was attracted to Castle specifically because of the information we have on our website. “I like that Castle offers education classes and is such a resource for homeowners, instead of just talking about how great they are. I like Castle’s business model and I’m confident they’re a stable business- I wanted to be a part of that!”

Outside of work, Tambra is actively involved in volunteering. She feeds the homeless with Loaves and Fishes, volunteers with the Union Gospel Mission in St. Paul, is on the Communications Team as well as Vice-Treasurer of the Finance Committee at her church, and hosts recovery dance parties for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

OFFICE MANAGER – Miriam Rothman

MRMiriam Rothman (“Mimi”) was born and raised in South Minneapolis. She loves the area so much that she bought a house in the same area of her childhood neighborhood. She continues to enjoy and appreciate the lakes, parks and trails she grew up around. As an adult, she also appreciates the many local establishments where she can enjoy an adult beverage and see a local band, or play her favorites on the jukebox with her friends and family.

After High School Graduation and some courses completed in college, she decided to immerse herself into full time employment. She began in customer service at a busy national landscaping company. Over the next 17 years, she advanced positions, evolved, learned and honed in on her strengths and skills in the administrative arena. Additionally, spending 5 years moonlighting at a comedy club added an edge and observational aptitude and (sometimes off-color) sense of humor.




Colleen (aka Coco) joins us from Target HQ with a background in Marketing, Advertising and Merchandising. While her formal education was different from most Castle employees, the design fundamentals overlap. No matter how hard she tried to conform to the corporate world, her true passion is residential remodeling. An internship that took her to London for a summer solidified her personal style, which tends to be of a British, traditional taste- lots of stone and neutral colors. She is especially interested in exterior remodeling; from windows to landscaping, she is fascinated by how little things can make such a big difference. Coco also feels passionately about sustainable design and reusing salvaged materials wherever possible. She is no stranger to manual labor-  growing up, she worked for her dad (who was a Handy Man/ Roofer / Building Inspector), doing various jobs but mostly commercial painting… where she mastered the art of cutting in without using tape. She’s a spiritual hippie at heart, and will talk your ear off about The Secret, meditation, Oprah and all things related. DIY is her middle name (actually, it’s Mary), so finding creative solutions is when she’s at her best.