November 21, 2023 Bailey Strobel

10 Home Improvements That Will Make the Holidays Easier

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s no better time to upgrade your space with simple home improvements. Practical repairs and renovations do more than just look great — they improve your home’s functionality as you host festive gatherings for your loved ones.

Whether you’re ready for a full remodel or want to spruce up your house in time for the influx of parties this season, check out these home improvement projects that will make the holidays easier.

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Being with your loved ones is one of the best parts of the holiday season. The other best part? The food. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, especially if you love baking or are hosting a get-together, upgrading your space before the holidays might be a good idea.

Consider replacing your outdated appliances with new models. New appliances can save you time and can be a money-saving investment in the long run. For example, smart refrigerators and dishwashers are energy-efficient, which means they’ll save you money while withstanding heavy-duty use throughout the holidays. Look for ENERGY STAR products to get the features and quality you want while reducing environmental impact.

2. Install a Smart Thermostat

Whether you’re expecting tons of snow this winter or your holidays are filled with palm trees and sunshine, installing a smart thermostat is a wise investment.

The holidays are a busy time, with people frequently coming in and out of your home. To ensure you maintain a comfortable temperature inside, invest in a programmable smart thermostat. These allow you to set timers and sensors that adjust automatically, keeping your house at the exact temperature you want. Say goodbye to stuffy holiday parties or chilly drafts.

3. Organize the Garage

With more guests comes the need for more space. If you’re struggling to find enough room to accommodate everyone and everything in your home during the holidays, consider turning to your garage.

Cleaning out your garage and using it for extra storage is an excellent way to declutter and organize your belongings. Store unused or off-season decorations, cleaning supplies, or extra chairs and tables in the garage. They’ll be easily accessible when you need them but out of the way when you don’t. You can even use a digital inventory to keep track of what you’ve stored to optimize your system.

4. Enhance Your Entryway


Your home’s exterior is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. Whether it’s their first time seeing your new house or they’ve been celebrating the season with you for years, you can always leave a good impression with a beautiful entryway.

To spruce things up, add a fresh coat of paint to the front door or tidy up the walkway leading to your home. If you celebrate Christmas, decorate with festive lights or greenery to add a seasonal touch.

5. Update Your Flooring

Are your old floors ready to withstand all the holiday foot traffic? If it’s been a while and your floor looks a little worse for wear, consider an update.

You want to choose a durable material that can hold up against all the holiday cheer, like muddy footprints after cutting down the Christmas tree and the occasional spill from cooking. Consider laminate or luxury vinyl flooring, which are both built to last and great DIY projects.

Aside from improving the durability of your floor, guests are sure to be impressed by the update!

6. Freshen Things up With a Coat of Paint

You’d be surprised at how much one fresh coat of paint can liven up your space. New neutral-toned walls or one bold accent wall can be just the thing you need to make your living room look brand new. New paint also allows you to cover stains, scratches or fading colors, ensuring your home looks extra merry when you decorate for the holidays.

7. Revamp Your Fireplace

A fireplace is often the focal point of a room, especially during the holiday season — how else could Santa arrive to deliver presents? You want to ensure it’s a centerpiece you’re proud of. Remodeling your fireplace will help transform your living space into a cozy holiday oasis.

You might convert your wood-burning fireplace into an electric or gas fireplace, install a new hearth or paint the mantel. You can even focus on decor, switching up mantel decorations or putting decorations inside a nonfunctional fireplace.

8. Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

The right light fixtures can create an enjoyable atmosphere all year round — including a cozy one on dark winter nights. Add under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen for a soft glow, or complement your dazzling Christmas lights with an elegant chandelier.

When shopping for new lighting fixtures, opt for ones that use energy-efficient bulbs. You’ll light up your home in style while saving money and protecting the environment.

9. Finish Your Basement

If you’re hosting guests over the holidays, you’ll want all the space you can get, and a finished basement opens up a whole new gathering area. You can turn your home’s lowest level into a cozy space that’s just as useful as the rest of your house.

With some drywall, hardwood flooring and your personal interior design touch, you can turn an unused space into an extra hangout spot or bonus bedroom. Any overnight holiday guests will appreciate the comfort and extra privacy of a finished basement.

10. Install a Home Security System

The holiday season might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also a time to be vigilant. Theft-related crimes increased by 20% in December, which means home security should be a top priority.

Fortunately, you can protect your home without losing sight of the season’s joy with a smart home security system that keeps an eye on your property while you enjoy time with loved ones. The holidays are often hard on your budget, but peace of mind when it comes to your home is priceless.

Make the Holidays Easier With These Home Improvements

It’s easy to enjoy the festive atmosphere and time with friends and family during the holiday season — especially when you’re comfortable in your home. Implementing just a few home improvements will freshen up your property and allow you to welcome visitors in style.