April 30, 2024 Bailey Strobel

4 Home Renovation Projects to Complete Before the Summer Heat Comes

Home renovations are excellent to tackle before the summer arrives. Getting them done before the weather turns allows you to tackle exterior upgrades without getting overheated, find more time to work while your kids are at school and welcome your summer guests into an upgraded home.


Choosing renovations to finish before the summer requires considering your budget, goals and time. Plan to prioritize upgrades that offer advantages beyond a single season.

1. Install Screens and Window Restrictors

If you live where the temperature drops significantly during summer nights, sleeping with open windows is an effective way to cool your home. However, you may need minor upgrades to keep this option safe and comfortable.


First, put screens on the windows to keep insects out. Some types expand or shrink to fit the frames, and you can also find options that attach with magnetic strips.


Next, install window restrictors to discourage criminals. Only sleeping with the windows open in non-ground-floor bedrooms is a simple safety tip to deter many potential intruders. However, the most motivated may see open windows on upper stories as tempting opportunities.


Window restrictors have bars, cables or hinges that make openings wide enough for you to enjoy fresh air but sufficiently narrow to stop anyone from getting inside. Some styles include child-safety features to give more peace of mind if your home has young kids or you have visitors who do.


You’ll also enjoy the ability to open your windows safely during other seasons. Fresh breezes improve air quality by removing indoor pollutants and prevent mold growth by lowering a room’s humidity.


Installing screens and window restrictors is relatively quick. You’ll get the best results by spending enough time browsing what’s available and determining which possibilities fit your needs.

2. Mount Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don’t create cold air but improve circulation, helping you feel cooler. Put them in rooms where people spend the most time. These additions keep the temperature consistent, which could mean you don’t need to run the air conditioner the whole day.


Check that your ceilings are at least 8 feet high and the fan can hang at least 7 feet above the floor for optimum results. Next, measure the room’s square footage. Choose a fan with a 36- or 44-inch diameter for areas up to 225 square feet. Select one of at least 52 inches for larger spaces or consider mounting two fans in such areas.


When putting a ceiling fan in an office or other room with papers and other lightweight items that could blow around, prioritize options with larger blades. Smaller ones cause more air velocity, making the effects on some lower objects more noticeable.


After attaching your fan to the ceiling, look for its blade-direction switch. A counterclockwise direction will push cool air down, refreshing the room during warmer months. Change to clockwise as the days get colder to move warm air down.

3. Replace Your Garage Door

Many people spend the summer months organizing their garages, or using the spaces as convenient places for car and bike maintenance. Now is a great time to inspect your garage door and see if it’s time for a replacement before summer arrives. If it’s rusty, noisy, or hard to open and close, those are all reasons to install a new one.


This decision could also significantly increase your home’s value. People living in parts of Michigan get an average 94.4% return on investment after making these renovations. The prominent location of many garage doors means the replacement will increase curb appeal no matter where you live. You’ll also appreciate the hassle-free functionality of a new door.


Consider the desired material first. Aluminum options are inexpensive and generally sturdy, although they get easily dented if the door is too thin or insufficiently insulated. Wood offers an elegant look, but it can become challenging to maintain in coastal or high-humidity areas. You’ll also need to paint or refinish the surface periodically to keep it looking nice.


Steel doors are good choices for people living in wet or windy areas who want a wood look. These doors are also easy to insulate, promoting seasonal comfort.


Explore windows, complementing colors or decorative hardware to customize the appearance. Familiarize yourself with smart garage door openers that’ll work with the new door, too. Many products sync with your phone or recognize voice commands, expanding functionality and convenience.

4. Block the Sun Inside and Out

A 2023 study showed sun coming through windows is most homes’ biggest heat gain source. The researchers recommended tackling it whether you’re preparing for summer or enduring a heat wave. They found insulated cellular shades reduce air conditioner usage by 13% and offer results up to 25% more effective than no coverings. Some versions feature materials that reflect the sun’s rays. Alternatively, shutters, awnings and other exterior options get similar results.


Keeping your shades closed during the day is the most practical way to stop the sun from heating your home. Otherwise, shut them when the sun’s position makes it shine directly into the window. Then, you can continue enjoying the birds, trees and other outdoor pleasantries except when the sun is most intense.


Some home improvement projects only become maximally beneficial with time. Planting outdoor shade trees is a good example. Besides preventing the sun from streaming through the windows, these additions can become favorite spots for picnics or other summer activities.


Visit your local garden center for advice about which trees will grow best in your area’s hardiness zone. Plan where you want to put the trees before going so the employees can determine which varieties will fit in the chosen space. Some get so large that you have to plant them at least 40 feet from the house. Mention you want something that will grow into a suitable shade tree and get details on its eventual size, average growth speed, and maintenance.


While finding suitable spots for new trees, survey the rest of your yard and make a list of possible improvements. Planting grass seeds is one of the simplest enhancements and a lush lawn makes summer more enjoyable.

Create an Abode for Summer Enjoyment

Rising temperatures can make summer particularly challenging. Try these renovations to make your home well-equipped for the hottest parts of the year and more satisfying the rest of the time.

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