May 29, 2013 castlebri

Hello Castle Friends!

We are back with designer Katie Jaydan, May’s Designer of the Month. Last time we talked about all of the projects Katie is currently working on, now Katie gives us insight on her personal dream home style and a few quick tips for all of you.

Katie, what is your home décor style?

K: My personal design style is very modern /clean /simple but I always seem to surround myself with homes so it is a little bit of a personal battle to incorporate my style but not deny the character of my style.

It must be a tug of war to maintain your personal modern aesthetic but still keep the integrity of an older home. What would your dream home be if money was no issue?

K: A super modern boxy natural feeling home with lots of stone, metal and wood.

This becomes a challenge of designing within an existing space doesn’t it?

K: Yes! It creates a constant challenge…which is the greatest part!

Where is your favorite place to buy that “must-have” signature piece for your home?

K: There is no one place, if I am looking for a one-of-a-kind piece I typically have it made, with pieces from different places.

What is one thing in your current home you just can’t live without?

K: Candles!!

Last thoughts from Katie:

K: If you are going to paint, use color… it is the most inexpensive way to give you the biggest impact.


Check out our Houzz and Pinterest accounts to see some of Katie’s projects!


Stay tuned next month as we introduce June’s Designer of the Month, Mark Benzell! Questions for our designers? Email

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