Project 1427-1 Whole House Remodel 2 Story Addition Kitchen Basement Bath Minneapolis 55410 LR 1

Project 1427-2

Home Style: Colonial
Design Style: Transitional
Project Completion Date: 2006

July 18, 2019 Colleen Bursaw

Taking good care of this home and taking time to customize it to their family, the owners have completed four remodel projects with Castle.


This 2nd floor addition was completed in 2006, which expanded the home in back, where there was previously only a 1st floor porch. Now, after this remodel, the sunroom is open to the rest of the home and can be used in all four seasons.


On the 2nd floor, the home’s footprint greatly expanded from a tight attic space into 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.


With every project, solid oak woodwork has been installed, classic countertops and traditional tile selected, and glass knobs used.


Overall, this home is suited not only to the home’s original character; it is also suited to house the owners’ family for a lifetime.


This home will be featured on the 2019 Castle Home Tour, September 28 – 29th. Showcased projects include their kitchen, wet bar, and basement. Not on tour is a second-floor addition including a master suite.