After LR Project 3363-1 Standish Kitchen Addition Remodel Minneapolis MN 55406 1

Project 3363-1

Home Style: Craftsman/Bungalow
Design Style: Contemporary
Project Completion Date: May 2018

August 13, 2018 Colleen Bursaw

The homeowners of this 1922 Standish neighborhood bungalow wanted to accomplish two things for their Minneapolis home; make their tiny 96SF kitchen larger, and add a dining area next to the kitchen.


Since the room to the kitchen was used as a living space, they wanted to expand out of the back, utilizing the deck space for the dining room kitchen, and allowing for more storage, natural light, and functionality.


To achieve their goals, the chimney was removed, and a small addition was added on which allowed a galley style kitchen to take form and a nice, bright dining area. The challenge was leaving their living room and surrounding spaces untouched, and work around the existing stairs to the basement.


The solution was to extend the wall out next to the stairway to grant more wall space to the kitchen and create a “hall” to the basement stairs. Creating an entrance in to the dining/kitchen area from the garage also helped tie in their most common point of entry to the new design.


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