July 16, 2013 castlebri

Hey Castle Friends! We have got just one full week left in July and then we are on to August! Can you  believe that summer is coming to a close so soon? We have one more post remaining from Designer of Alyssa, Atelier Lane (HK).

Alyssa last time we spoke you talked briefly about some of your favorite trends. What are some of your least favorite trends happening right now?

A: Dual height kitchen counters! I’d much rather have the larger work space. I don’t see any logic in sitting on a higher stool to eat at a higher counter  and dividing up precious prep area on the counter.

Why???? Pretty kitchen but the upper counter space is wasted a majority of the time.

Much better!

While the different levels could add dynamic, I can also see your point why the varying levels could take away from precious counter space – especially when you don’t have a lot of space. Do you have any tips for potential homeowners as they plan a remodel?

A: HGTV shows are fun to watch, but their timelines for finishing projects are unrealistic for professional remodeling.

Pull inspiration from things around your house. If you have a 4×6 picture you love from your Europe trip, blow it up and frame it. If you have an old trunk from your great grandma, incorporate it into the space. Instead of designing a generic room that anyone could live in, put a little of your personality in it! It’s YOUR home, not a display in a furniture store.

Get inspired on Pinterest!

Continuing the thought of tips for potential homeowners, how would you encourage them to make a space feel bigger than it really is shall the idea of expanding a space not be an option?

A: Simple! I have one word for you…DE-CLUTTER! Simplicity will make a room feel large and spacious. “Stuff” everywhere will make the room claustrophobic.

Cluttered craft room:


De-cluttered craft room (similar sized room):

Wow! Visually it makes such a difference, but I’m sure for some it is easier said than done. What about in your personal life…What does your bedroom say about you?

My bedroom is a sunroom. I can’t live without natural light! Any day is a good day if sunlight is streaming in. It gives me motivation to get up and get outside rather than let the day waste away.

That is pretty important, especially since most of our months are winter and we may not always have sunny days. Looking to the future, what would your dream home be if money wasn’t an issue?

I’ve given this one a lot of thought. There are so many possibilities I probably need 20 houses to get all of my ideas built! If there’s one thing I love, its exposed structure! Why cover everything with drywall when the natural materials are so stunning? Large windows is also a must in every room!

Don’t get overwhelmed with selections. There are thousands of products out there. Instead of sitting with 20 color swatches you like, grab 3 you like. It makes it much easier to narrow it down to your favorite.

Last question before we go, what are some of your favorite interiors on screen (in movies, plays, TV shows?)

A: I hate to admit I’ve seen Twilight..…buuuuuuut the Cullen house is pretty spectacular!


Stay tuned for more tips and trends through the coming week as we prepare for August as we greet new Castle Designer Cheri Saari, August’s Designer of the Month!

In the meantime if you have a question for our designers, project managers or field guys, email hannah@castlebri.com and she will post the answers on Facebook on Tuesdays!!

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