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Choosing the right fixtures is essential for pulling off a successful bathroom remodeling project. Both functionality and style will play a role in fixture selections, but the extent to which they are prioritized will depend on the homeowner.


Some property owners, including those who provide a commercial service, like spa or massage rooms, may want to create a certain heightened aesthetic so that their bathroom feels luxurious and mesmerizing. For others, practicality and ease of cleaning will be a much greater priority. Defining the goals for the bathroom remodeling project will be key when it comes to picking out the right fixtures.


Guide To Choosing The Right Bathroom Fixtures


Consistency and complementary designs are key when it comes to selecting bathroom fixtures, and the final fixture selections should blend well with one another. But there is more to consider than just style — take a look at a few other aspects of bathroom fixture selection.


Bathtub and Shower














This is an area of the bathroom in which fixture selection can directly impact enjoyment and shower capacity. Homeowners who prefer a sleek, minimalist look may want a fixed shower head, while those who prefer convenient and varied accessibility may prefer a detachable, handheld showerhead. In addition, shower heads can offer a range of water pressure options, which should be considered during the selection process.


























Readers may be surprised to hear that they have so many options when it comes to picking out a new toilet. Homeowners will need to decide if they have a preference for elongated or round toilet bowls, or whether they would like bidet attachments. High-efficiency toilets are also available for those who prefer a more environmentally friendly, water-saving option.




























One of the biggest factors for selecting a sink is how much counter space is needed. Whether selecting a pedestal, drop-in, basin, or wall mount sink, accounting for the surrounding area is key so that it isn’t a struggle to find space for soap, hand towels, lotion, tissues, or other items needed within reach.















By far one of the design components that provides the most fun during bathroom remodeling projects, faucets are usually selected for their stylistic and aesthetic qualities. Brass and stainless steel finishes are popular, but size and shape will also play a role in faucet selection.

According to Greg Scott, a home remodeling contractor in Houston, Texas, one of the key considerations here is whether the faucet will be a single handle design, which allows regulating the temperature from one grip, or a double handle design, which allows one grip for hot water and one for cold. Faucet height will also be very important and should be coordinated with the sink selection.


When it comes to design, the options are limitless. There are various faucet designs available to suit your every need. From industrial faucets to unique faucets that have a luxurious appeal. For aesthetic purposes, just make sure it fits with your bathroom’s design theme.


















In addition to size and shape, there are a variety of additional mirror features that can be considered when designing a bathroom remodel. For example, vanity mirrors, anti-fog mirrors, and mirrors with built-in LED lighting are all great options for the bathroom. Homeowners looking for a little extra storage space may also benefit from a cabinet/mirror combo, commonly called a medicine cabinet, which offers a great place to stash toothbrushes and other toiletries out of sight.


Bathroom Cabinets














In addition to medicine cabinets, there are other storage solutions designed specifically for bathroom spaces. For example, over-the-toilet cabinets offer an excellent solution for small bathrooms with limited cabinet capacities. Floating shelves are another great idea for displaying small decor items and keeping necessary toiletries closeby, especially if there is limited space on the vanity. Keep in mind that style, material, and finish should appear natural and coordinate with other bathroom fixtures.


By reflecting on the priorities for the bathroom right away, you can make the remodeling project a success — without hitting any major roadblocks or detours. Take functionality and style into account at the start of the design process, and you’ll be better equipped to select the perfect fixtures for the new bathroom space.


Skylar Ross is a freelance writer with Houston Home Remodeling Pros