Project 3548-1

Home Style: Modern
Design Style: Modern
Project Completion Date: December 2019

April 24, 2020 castlebri

This early 2000’s bathroom was “ok” to live with and that is what the homeowners did for years before deciding it was time to create their dream bathroom with Castle. Their goal was to create a luxury hotel room like space for them to share.

As it is the only large bathroom in the house, they have to share the space. The old single sink did have a nice size vanity, but the homeowners were not interested in the extra plumbing expense by adding a second sink. The design solution was to add a trough style sink that provided a wider basin for them to share. A beautiful, soft to the touch concrete countertop was custom made for the new floating, modern vanity. The tub was removed and a sleek, curbless shower with barn style enclosure was added. Symmetrical modern niches gave each homeowner adequate storage and a ceiling mount rain head gives the shower an ultra-luxurious feel.

Finally, that hotel luxury feel was amplified by the large lighted mirror at the vanity. In the end, the modern luxurious space provides them with durable finishes and timeless function for years to come.