September 11, 2012 castlebri

Castle is excited to announce that we recently became members of NEIC (Northeast Investment Cooperative).  NEIC is a for profit cooperative that aims to raise capital and purchase and lease commercial real estate on Central Ave in NE Minneapolis.  The area does not work with traditional developers business models or target markets.  The goal is to make transformative investments that will eventually tip the Central and Lowry intersection and attract more owner occupied independent businesses.  NEIC had nine new members sign up last week, and three new people pledged membership! That brings membership to 67 people who have paid $1,000, plus another 18 who have pledged to join NEIC sometime in the next few months.   NEIC has a lot of momentum and has garnered some local media already.

Here is a link to the website which explains more.  I have personally joined NEIC as well and would encourage you all to attend an upcoming info meeting on Sept 19th at 7pm at the East Side Food Coop if you are interested in learning more.  Check out this cool photo of Central & Lowry from 1953.