December 6, 2022 Bailey Strobel

Winter Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

Oh, how easy it is to ignore the importance of preparing our homes for the upcoming winter days. That is understandable. We all want to bundle up next to our fireplace (or radiator) and not even think about those chores that force us to get the tools out and freeze outside. However, checking off a winter maintenance checklist is more important than you think. It will save you from unpleasant and cold surprises and expensive repairs later on.

Thus, while it’s still not too late, start preparing your home for the winter. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. You can follow our winter maintenance checklist for your home. By doing the following things, you will improve the efficiency of your home and make it warm and comfy.

Inspect Your Heating Systems

The most important thing on this winter maintenance checklist for your home is inspecting your heating systems. It would be good to have them professionally checked if you use a fireplace or a furnace for heating. But, if you want to do this all by yourself, we suggest first cleaning them thoroughly (together with chimneys) and then changing the filters (change the furnace filter every three months). Moreover, do the same if you use HVAC systems around your home.

If you notice something is off with your heating systems, repair it as soon as possible. That is one of those home maintenance things to do before the winter if you don’t want to live in a frosty house while waiting for a heating expert to free up some of his time and come to your home to give you a hand.

Caption: Don’t wait for the snow to fall to start checking your heating systems.



Check Your Roof for Damage

Suppose your roof is damaged, and the winter hits. In that case, you have two options. Pray that some roofing specialist is willing to come and fix the problem (which is not likely to happen as all of them are booked months in advance, or they don’t want to risk their lives on slippery roofs). Or follow the advice of experts at and hire movers to help you relocate somewhere quickly until spring. Living in a house with a damaged roof is impossible during winter. It is possible only if you don’t mind frostbite and huge bills.

Thus, put roof inspection on your winter home maintenance checklist! You can inspect it on your own first. Climb out there and look for any signs of damage. Check for missing shingles, dampness, and even for the draft. If you notice something strange, call an expert immediately!

Fill Gaps around Doors and Windows

No, the roof is not the only place you can have a draft. Drafts also appear around doors and windows. And when they occur, they will leave you cold and with an enormous heating bill, as your heating system will work twice as hard to warm up all that cold air lingering inside your home. Don’t allow this to happen! Use caulk around your doors and windows or install weather-stripping around the edges.

Moreover, if drafts are typical in your home, you should consider installing new doors and windows. Yes, this will be an expensive renovation project. Still, it will also be a renovation project that will reduce costs around your home and, more importantly, keep your home warm during winter (and cold during summer).

Winter-proof doors and windows should be a priority on your winter maintenance checklist.


Clean Those Gutters

Now, let us move to the exterior of the house. Aside from storing your outdoor furniture and turning off the outside faucets, don’t forget that cleaning those gutters is also a must. These accumulate a lot of dirt during autumn, and if you don’t clean that dirt before the snow and the temperatures start falling, many things can go wrong. The leaves and other debris will clog your gutters and cause water damage and make your gutters loosen. That can lead to ice dams, which can be extremely dangerous for you and your house.

So, tackle this project when you have a day off (or during the weekend). Get stable ladders and gloves and remove all the leaves, branches, and debris. Moreover, pay attention to rodents and insects, that is, to their signs. If you see something strange, consult with an exterminator.

Take care of your gutters not only before winter but also during it.


Prepare Your Winter-Weather Supplies

Once you finish all the remodeling projects to protect your home against the elements, one of the things you should check off your winter maintenance checklist is preparing your winter-weather supplies. You need to prepare them for that first snow! Thus, go to your local hardware store and buy the following:

  • Snow shovel
  • Broom
  • Ice melts and salt

Moreover, if you live somewhere where snow storms are usual, stock up on blankets, flashlights, first aid kits, flares, water bottles, and canned food. You already know that snowstorms can last for days, and you will want to have everything necessary by your side when those days happen.

Final words

We mentioned some of the most important things you should put on your winter maintenance checklist, but the list can go on and on. Thus, once you do these things, be sure to do some more research and then winterize your home. For instance, some other things you can do to prepare your home for winter include testing the sump pump, draining your garden hoses, reversing the direction of ceiling fans, inspecting pipes that run on exterior walls, etc. And remember, if you notice something suspicious, call a handyman immediately.

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