January 15, 2016 castlebri

Castle Building & Remodeling Production Headquarters and Warehouse recently underwent a makeover that turned it from “50 shades of gray over graffiti” to the best looking warehouse in Minneapolis. We couldn’t have done it without local artisan sign painters Phil Vandervaart and Forrest Wozniak and their amazing sign painting skills. Phil Vandervaart (https://signpainterphil.wordpress.com/) and Forrest Wozniak (http://forrestwozniak.com/) will be featured on Minnesota Original (http://www.mnoriginal.org/) on TPT (Channel 2) Sunday January 17th, 2016 at 6pm and 10pm.


This segment shows Phil and Forrest working on the signage for Castle Building & Remodeling and The Natural Built Home Store Production Headquarters located at 2710 E 33rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55406 in the Longfellow neighborhood. Check it out here!

Warehouse Web

A big thanks goes out to the Lake Street Council that helped with a facade grant to cover a portion of the costs for this project.