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We’re back with more from Courtney. Last week we talked about what she has going on this month and now we’ll talk tips and trends…

At home what are things you just can’t live without?

C: Organization! Bins, baskets, etc… I hate clutter and think everything should have a place.

Clutter-free! I’m sure many readers would love to have you come over and just help organize after their remodeling project. So Courtney, tell me what are your current favorite design trends?

C: In lighting I am loving all the different clear glass shades! In kitchens l love that the idea of the island is being looked at and it is no longer a long row of cabinets in the middle of the room. The island doesn’t have to match the rest of the cabinets and it can be any shape you want (as long as it works in your space).

Contrast in a space can be great, what are your thoughts on color in a room?

C: A lot of the clients I work with are unaware of how much color influences their mood. I go with blues a lot in bathrooms because it is a calming color. While the actual color influences you the shade of the color is important too. Too bright of a yellow can cause anxiety, while a soft yellow sparks creativity and positive moods.

I love it when my client trusts me and is willing to go a little outside of their normal box!

Bathroom Details


I bet it is fun doing a project that allows for a little more creative freedom. Do you have a favorite designer blog, magazine, website, book, etc. that you get your inspiration from? Do you have a “recommended reads” for home-owners as they plan their remodel?

C: I get a variety of design magazines; my favorites are Dwell and Architectural Digest. They have great inspiration photos in them! When I am designing and working with a client I love using Houzz and/or Pinterest. They are great resources for design ideas and inspiration, but the biggest benefit of them is the ability to have online folders the client and I can both contribute to.

Check out Courtney’s Pinterest and Houzz Profiles:

Courtney Pinterest

Courtney’s Lighting Board on Pinterest

Houzz Courtney

Courtney’s Houzz Profile


One last question for you Courtney… Do you have any tips for potential homeowners as they plan a remodel?

C: Plan/ think ahead! Really think about how you use the space and how it could be better. Even if you don’t know the solution to the problem, being aware of the problem can really help when you talk to a designer. We can help and give you great ideas, but you use the space and you know where it falls short.

Stay tuned next month as we meet with April’s Designer of the Month, Amy Hinck!

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